Unless you’ve been living under a rock of blissful unawareness, you’ll have noticed that this past Friday was ‘Black Friday’. Tomorrow is apparently ‘Cyber Monday’ and this weekend is known as ‘Cyber Weekend’. Right. All I know, is there’s been some pretty cracking reductions across the board and I’ve made a discounted start on my Christmas shopping. Score!

Like many an online retailer, ASOS have got involved with the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend madness with a cracking 20% discount off everything. The discount started on Thursday and runs through until Tuesday at 9am using the code GOGOGO. As I haven’t done a ‘petite picks’ post for a while, I thought I’d re-start the series with taking a look at some of the best petite pieces ASOS currently has to offer, in case any fellow shorties fancy stocking up their wardrobes!

Petite Day Dresses

ASOS Petite Day Dresses Black Friday Discount

Petite Pinafore Dress£15 £12 |  Polo Neck Dress in Mix & Match Print – £25 £20 | Short Sleeve Bird Print Dress – £32 £25.6

Petite Party Dresses

ASOS Petite Black Friday Party Dresses

Lace Bodice Midi Prom Dress by John Zack Petite£45 £36 | 3D floral Crop Top Midi Dress £65 £53  | Embellished Tulle Dress by Maya Petite£70 £56

Petite Jeans and Jeggings

ASOS Petite Jeans

Light Wash Petite Ridley Jeans £28 £22.60 | Rivington High Waist Grey Jeggings£26 £21.80 | Black Coated Rivington Denim Jeggings£30 £24

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H2O Car Valeting People Waiting Roomh2o-car-valeting-finished

I love my car but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t look after it as I should. I’m too lazy to hoover/give it a clean by hand, don’t like the finish of those drive-in car washes and find the whole valet-on-a-garage-forecourt experience a little bit awkward. Plus, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve witnessed my car being hoovered out by someone with a cigarette in their hand (no, really). As such, my car spends much of its time looking in dire need of some TLC.  

A few weeks ago I went to give my car a treat with a seasonal valet at H20 Car Valeting. With the promise of the valet making my car look like I’d just driven it from the showroom, I couldn’t resist so off I popped to H2O at Intu Trafford. Clearly sign posted and taking up a large part of the Peel Avenue car park is what I can only describe as a salon for cars. Bright, clean and with friendly faces waiting to greet me as I drove in, it was clear H2O was not about to provide me with a run of the mill car park valet.  

H2O Car Valeting can be found as the sole valeting server at a number of high-end shopping centres around the UK including Westfield London, The Bullring in Birmingham and of course, Intu Trafford. With the strapline ‘treat your car as you treat yourself’, H2O understand that our cars aren’t just a method of transportation; as the second biggest purchase most of us make, our cars are much more than that!

It only took about an hour for my car to be fully valeted and I was not disappointed. My car really did look showroom clean (and smelt good, too!) If you want to treat your car to a pamper, you can see a full list of locations and prices on the H2O Car Valeting website.

Christmas at Liverpool One

image credit: radarsmum67 via Flickr

As great as online shopping is, nothing can beat heading out for a day of festive retail therapy. Year round, my shopping destination of choice is Liverpool One and I always end up taking a few trips when it comes to Christmas shopping!

Tips for Christmas Shopping at Liverpool One

I’m very lucky that I don’t live too far from Liverpool One, so it’s easy for me to just pop in for an afternoon or a few hours, but if you’re coming from a bit further afield chances are you’d like to spend a bit longer and make a day of it. Luckily with so many shops, restaurants and things to do around Christmas time, Liverpool One is the perfect festive destination for a full day out. Read on for a couple of tips on making the most of a day shopping at Liverpool One.

Book a table

First things first; if you ask me, one of the best parts of a shopping trip is refuelling with a nice meal at the end of the day. With so many restaurants in Liverpool, you’re likely to be stuck for choice of where to eat. Restaurants are often really busy, especially if you’re there on a weekend, so it’s definitely a good idea to decide where you want to eat before and get a table booked so you don’t have to wait around.

Go early to beat the rush

As with any city centre, Liverpool gets incredibly busy, especially near shops and especially near Christmas time! On weekdays Liverpool One is open at 9.30 and on Saturday it’s 9.00am (11am on Sundays), so it’s definitely worth getting there early to beat the crowds. Arrive when the shops open and go straight to buy anything specific that you need so you can relax a bit more during the rest of your day.

Make time for a coffee/cocktail stop

Shopping is thirsty work and there’s nothing better than a little afternoon pick me up. Make sure you take the chance to rest your legs, refuel and have a look over your purchases/plan what else you need to pick up! If you’re not driving, there are loads of places you could go to get a cocktail or – if you’re feeling super festive – a mulled wine. Alternatively, Liverpool One is home to some amazing coffee shops and cafes so you can warm up with a hot chocolate or coffee.

Wear comfortable shoes

We’ve all been there after buying a pair of amazing boots or shoes only to be in agony the first time you wear them and not realising until it’s too late! A day of walking around shops is not the time to be trialling new footwear, so go with a tried-and-tested pair that you know won’t leave you looking for any excuse to sit down.

Where to eat in Liverpool One

Truly Scrumptious - Liverpool One blogger shopping tips

Full infographic on the Liverpool One blog

Collaborative post

If you’re struggling to find a thoughtful and unique gift for a loved one that doesn’t cost the earth this year then look no further. I’ve found five fantastically alternative Christmas gifts that anyone would love and all for less than £10 each!

Unique Christmas Gifts on a Budget

A pile of poo£9 – Oxfam Unwrapped
Ah, a pile of poo. Just what everyone wants this Christmas, right? Well, actually, for families around the world a pile of poo (actually a mixture of manure, fertiliser and some eco-friendly farming technique training) could make a huge difference and change their lives forever. Rather than some questionable shower gel and deodorant, this is a ‘smellies’ gift that really gives and one that any recipient is sure to appreciate! A ‘pile of poo’ is just £9 at Oxfam Unwrapped, but knowing a gift you’ve given is helping a family live a better life – that’s pretty much priceless! A pile of poo not for you? Don’t worry as there’s loads more christmas charity gifts over at Oxfam Unwrapped.

Grow Me Be Happy Sunflower, £6.99 – IWOOT
The be happy sunflower is an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone who you may not see often, or who has been having a bit of a bad time. Not only does the lucky recipient get to plant their sunflower, but they also get to watch it grow!

Tea Garden in a Matchbox, £5.99 – Not On The Highstreet
If you’re looking for a novelty stocking filler for someone who loves a brew then you can’t go much wrong with the cute tea garden in a matchbox. With chamomile seeds so the recipient can grow their own tea and two black tea hearts wrapped in foil, it’s a tea-lovers dream!

Pet Photoshoot£10 – Virgin Experience Days
There’s nothing I love more than spending a day out with Rupert and Colin and taking as many photos of them as possible, although they usually move around too much to get a good shot! A pet photoshoot is perfect for any pet-parents to spend a unique day with their little one and get a lasting memory of the day by taking home a professional photo. They’re usually super expensive, but this one is just £10 right now which is an utter bargain and makes a great Christmas present.

A Guatemalan Worry Doll£2.95 – dotcomgiftshop
There’s something so lovely about the tradition behind these dolls; it’s believed that if you tell the doll what’s worrying you and you put it under your pillow before you go to sleep, the worry doll will take away your worries and concerns. Much like the be happy sunflower, this makes such an amazing and thoughtful gift for someone who could do with a bit of cheering up.

Petite Disneyland Paris Outfit IdeaDisneyland Paris Autumn Outfit Idea Disneyland Paris Autumn Outfit Idea

Disneyland Paris Halloween Day One: The Outfit

striped jumper & leather jacket both old season H&M // skirt and pumps: Primark (similar skirt here) // bag: River Island // The Nightmare Before Christmas Ears: ImagineEarsUK

photos by hannah rosalie

Planning what to pack and wear for our trip to Disneyland Paris was a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to wear layers so I could be warm/strip off a layer if it got too hot, be comfortable for walking around all day yet look nice in photos. I also only had hand luggage to fit my clothes in (we shared a suitcase for make up/toiletries/electronics etc.) so I had minimal space and needed to pack light.

On our first day it was incredibly chilly in the morning but forecast to be warm and sunny in the afternoon. I opted for this pleated midi skirt, cropped jumper and leather jacket combo with a t-shirt beneath the jumper so I could strip a layer when it got warmer later in the day (and boy did it get warmer later on!) We were out for around twelve hours on our first day which included a whole lot of walking and my feet surprisingly didn’t hurt a bit thanks to these vans-style slip ons from Primark, which were a bargain at £8 for how comfortable they were!

This burgundy midi skirt was another Primark bargain. I found it hidden behind a heap of other skirts but it was just what I was looking for, however it’s a size smaller than I usually wear but as it was the last one in the store I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Not only did it fit but it also went through the till at £5! An insane bargain as it’s such a lovely colour for autumn and with a pair of sheer tights beneath (like in these photos) it actually keeps me quite warm.

I had such an amazing time at Disneyland Paris over Halloween and have so many more posts planned so I can share what we got up to and the characters we met! I’m also desperate to book my next trip, I can’t believe this was the first time I’ve been… I definitely have to make up for lost time, that’s for sure!