Moving further away from, well, everything and more events taking place in the week means that I spend most of my time reluctantly declining blog event invitations these days. So I was super pleased to be invited to the Very Christmas party press day which took place back in November (this is an incredibly late post… sorry!) at Very’s amazing office – a mere 30 minute train journey away. Hoorah!

Very Christmas Party

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Boohoo red dress Boohoo party dress Boohoo dress outfit idea Autumn outfit idea Boohoo dress

Dress – Boohoo* / Gillet – H&M / Shoes – Select

Never one to drop the C-bomb too early but  I think I may have found my Christmas day dress: Festive colour – tick. Sassy sleeves – tick. Shift style for hiding pigs-in-blanket baby – tick tick. This is November’s dress of the month at Boohoo and I absolutely love it; it’s very versatile and is perfect for this time of year so I was really excited to be asked to style it up this month.

For the 25th December I’d be jazzing it up with some gold accessories and probably a Christmas hat but considering this was an outfit for a Sunday in November, I thought it was a bit too early for the festive additions. Instead, my trusty faux fur gilet, a pair of flat brogues and black opaque tights did the trick in creating a warm day-time look that suits the dress well. It was just a bonus that the layered sleeves meant that even though I was dressed down, I still felt mega sassy.

How would you style this dress? Have you planned your Christmas day outfit yet?

This dress was sent to me by Boohoo as part of their Dress of The Month campaign, as always all opinions are my own.

Kindness Changes Lives

I’m a little bit late for World Kindness Day I know, but should kindness really be kept to just one day of the year? The world would be a pretty cruddy place if so. In honour of Oxfam’s newest Kindness Changes Lives campaign, I wanted to jot up a short list of ways you can bring a bit of kindness into yours – and others – lives.

Personally, I don’t think you have to do anything huge to be kind. It’s not all about massive expenses or going far out of your way, the best kind of kindness is the little things you can easily add into your day. Things which I’m sure most of us do anyway!

Small things such as the below can all make a difference and help to add a little kindness into peoples lives:

Holding the door open for people who are behind you
Donate to charity
Sponsoring friends and colleagues when they’re fundraising
Paying someone a compliment
Being selfless when driving (not blocking junctions/giving way etc.)

And don’t forget to be kind to yourself…

Kindness is best spread, I agree but don’t get so busy spreading kindess to others that you forget to be kind to you.

Dedicate a couple of hours in your week to doing that thing you just love to do but don’t get much time to; reading, baking, a long bubble bath, painting or whatever else that might be
Buy a bunch of your favourite flowers
Treat yourself to your favourite chocolate bar or snack
Make plans with friends or family members who you haven’t seen for ages

Those are just a few ideas of how to add kindness into the every day. What is your favourite way to spread kindness?

What’s this? An outfit post? Yes indeedy and boy does it feel good although I am a little rusty. The story of my outfit absence is maybe one for another day, but for now let’s take a look at this shirt…

405 Story Navy Shirt

Navy shirt autumn outfit

405 Story Navy Shirt

Petite shirt outfit

The shirt is from 405story, a womenswear brand who add modern, feminine touches to traditional shapes and styles to create beautiful pieces that will sit in your wardrobe for years to come – I dare you to browse their website and not end up with a wishlist as long as your arm!

This shirt in particular is called the Taylor Blouse. I’m a huge fan of the cape detail on the shoulders and the navy colour is perfect for autumn. I’ve chosen to wear it here tucked into my current favourite check skirt which makes for the perfect office outfit but as the shirt is fairly long it could be easily worn with jeans or leggings, too. It also comes in white, which would make it an ideal summer shirt.

The switch from summer to autumn is truly in full flow, and with it comes a bit of difficulty in the old dressing department. Check outside in the morning; cars are covered in condensation, there’s a chill in the air and the sky is grey at best so you go with a jumper, but by afternoon the sun is blazing outside and your colleagues insist on keeping the heating on, leaving you feeling like you might melt. Or is that just me?

Autumn Nail Trends

Sometimes it’s easier to make the switch from summer to autumn style with accessories first, outfits later. So rather than going straight for roll-necks and long sleeves, I like to ease into autumn gently with accessories and makeup, particularly in these early autumn days.

For make-up and nails, the obvious colour choices for autumnal accents are vampy reds and maroon shades but I also think browns and golds work really well too – particularly after a summer of pastels.

If you’re unsure or in need of inspiration, Ellisons have released a selection of autumn trend sheets including lips, eyes, nails and hair. You can see the fact sheets on the Ellisons blog. As they are a provider of products to salons and businesses, the fact sheets are focused more on trends that beauticians can offer their clients but they’re still a great source of information if you want to pamper yourself.

Now then, please excuse me whilst I go dig out my gold and brown nail varnish…