The Body Shop Pinita Colada Range

The Perfect Summer Body Care Range – The Body Shop’s Pinita Colada

Is there anything better than that summertime holiday smell? You know the one; smells of coconuts and pineapples that makes you long to be on a sun lounger somewhere exotic? For their newest collection, The Body Shop have done the wonderful and have bottled up this exact smell. Last week I went along to their Liverpool One store to try out the range, appropriately named Pinita Colada.  

The range includes a body sorbet, body wash, body butter and exfoliating scrub. The exfoliating scrub is blended with pieces of coconut for a very natural exfoliation; perfect for keeping your tan in tip top shape this summer without being too harsh! The shower gel is lovely and light; perfect for a quick shower after a day in the sunshine before heading out for drinks. The sorbet is a light and gives skin a refreshing boost of moisture that sinks into the skin quickly. I don’t need to say much about the pinita colada body butter really, do I? It’s as fabulous as each of the other body butters in the range, but with the fabulously tropical pinita colada scent giving you a boost of moisture that we all need at this time of year!

If this range sounds right up your street then head over to The Body Shop’s website to buy – I know what range I’ll be using this summer!

The Tea Parlour Review Liverpool
Afternoon Tea in Liverpool

Traditional Afternoon Tea in Liverpool

The Tea Parlour Review

Traditional Afternoon Tea in Liverpool at The Tea Parlour

I don’t know about you, but sometimes there is nothing better than a cake and a brew. As nice as a shop-bought cake and a cup of Yorkshire Gold is however, every now and again the occasion calls for something a little more.

I’m heading back quite a few months now to January (so, um, quite a late write up…) when the call for a good brew and cake was certainly there (for the lovely Jackie‘s birthday no-less) but the occasion, obviously, called for something a little more than an hour people watching at Starbucks. So arranged by Hannah, myself, Sarah and of course, Jackie headed off to The Tea Parlour for a spot of afternoon tea.

The Tea Parlour is hidden away behind a red door on Liverpool’s famous Matthew Street and afternoon tea is available from Tuesday – Sunday. We visited on a particularly dreary, drizzly Sunday afternoon and entering through that red door was like entering into a little slice of heaven. The smell of freshly baked cakes that greeted us as we pushed down our umbrellas was an absolute treat and as the Tea Parlour shares it’s entrance with an art gallery, there was a number of interesting paintings and portraits on the wall to guide us on our way along the corridor and up the stairs to our afternoon tea. Being in The Tea Parlour is quite literally like entering another world. The decor is ornate and a piano player provides the background music which perfectly adds to the rooms ambience.

We were greeted by an incredibly friendly member of the Tea Parlour team who took mine and Hannah’s coats (we got there first) before taking us to our table and getting us a glass of elderflower water (yum!) Once Jackie and Sarah arrived, the afternoon tea was explained to us; we could choose from earl grey or english breakfast tea and we would receive three sandwiches each as standard (cucumber, egg & cress and ham) and we could choose a fourth of either beef or salmon and cream cheese. We would also have two scones each; a plain and a fruit and a selection of cakes. The cake stands were shared between two, and the servings were incredibly generous. The sandwiches were small but not too dainty, there was an incredible selection of cakes and the scones were oh-my-good-lord-please-let-me-have-twelve delicious. The cake serving was actually so generous that we each ended up taking home a box of leftover cakes (side story: my leftover cake box which was safely sat in the passenger seat unfortunately got into a bit of trouble on the road when I had to emergency stop… I will from now on be sure to put a seatbelt on any cake boxes I have as passengers.)

I would highly recommend The Tea Parlour for anyone on the lookout for a special way to spend an afternoon in Liverpool. Prices are reasonable (£20 for their traditional afternoon tea), tea is plentiful and the food is glorious. The Tea Parlour also cater to a variety of diets (vegan, gluten free, vegetarian? No problem) and the parlour can be booked for private hire and special occasions.

Wood watch competition image

Giveaway: Win $75 to spend at JORD

In need of some new wrist jewellery? Keep being late and need a time-telling device? Just fancy treating yourself to a new watch? Well then you’re in the right place! I’m a huge fan of my wooden watch from JORD (read my review here) so I’ve paired up with JORD Wooden Watches to give you the chance to win $75 to spend on their website.

Whether you fancy treating yourself or someone else, make sure you enter using the nifty rafflecopter gizmo below to be in with a chance of winning! The competition closes on the 25th April and is open worldwide. Good luck!


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Yesterday I discovered something slightly embarrassing although not altogether unsurprising… My clothes rail has broken. Snapped right in half along the bottom. Oops! It made me realise that maybe – just maybe – I have a few too many clothes. I’m terrible for going out and buying things willy nilly without really thinking about it, and I always envy anyone who has one of those ‘capsule wardrobe’ things.

Perfect Knitwear For a Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t think that my buying habits will change any time soon, but a capsule wardrobe is something I’m definitely coveting. Considering the Great British climate, one thing every wardrobe needs – capsule or not – is a piece or two of good knitwear. After recently being introduced to London based fashion boutique Paulie and having a browse of their website I fell in love with a few pieces of their designer knitwear and thought i’d share some of the pieces here!

Womens Designer Knitwear Wishlist from Paulie

Navy Fringed Hooded Poncho by Autumn Cashmere | Boatneck top by Autumn Cashmere | Wool and Cashmere Blend Ribbed Jumper by Allude

Who knows, maybe one day i’ll be able to have a high end capsule wardrobe – but until then I’ll just have to stick with my bulging wardrobe. Speaking of which, I need a new wardrobe!

Surprising Blogging Effects on my Life

Setting the scene for the creation of Little Babble will be incredibly similar to the start up stories of many other fashion and lifestyle blogs; after reading other blogs for ages and procrastinating university work one afternoon, I decided that I wanted a piece of the blogosphere pie for myself as a place where I could ‘babble’ on about clothes, make up and whatever else took my fancy for fellow shopping obsessives to (hopefully) swing by and have a read; maybe they’d even leave a comment or two. Over five years later (yep, February 2016 marked my five year blogiversary, crazy) I am still sometimes in awe of how big an impact this little space has had on my life despite how tiny a fish I may be in this massive blogging pond.

That blogging would help me get a job

When I was graduating, competition for jobs was absolutely fierce and eighteen months on I’m still in shock that I began the first step in my career a mere month after my graduation ceremony. I am pretty much 96% sure that making reference to my blog on my CV helped me get my first job as a graduate. Blogging gave me skills and experiences that were directly relevant to the online marketing assistant jobs I was applying for. Content creation, using a CMS, social media promotion and understanding how influencer/brand relationships work have all been key aspects of my career so far and having a blog was a huge help in giving me the base knowledge of this.

That blogging would allow me to collaborate with amazing brands

Did I realise back in 2011 when I started this blog that brands worked with bloggers? Did I realise that brands actually paid to work with those bloggers? Did I realise that brands would put on amazing events and ask me to attend? No, I had absolutely no idea. In fact, I remember the first time I was contacted by a PR agency to work with one of their clients; I was scared and confused and ended up ignoring the email. Luckily, I’ve since gained confidence and have partnered with some cracking brands that I would have otherwise had no opportunity to work with due to being tiny and as un-model-esque as they come!

That I’d meet so many amazing people

Keeping the best until last… one thing I definitely never thought would happen when I started my blog is that I would make friends. We’re told constantly when we’re younger not to trust people on the internet, not to give out personal information and definitely not to meet them so meeting fellow bloggers ‘in real life’ always seemed like a bit of a strange thing to do. Fortunately, I got over this and I’ve met some incredible people; a few who I have just clicked with  and am absolutely positive will be friends for life.

These are just a few examples -blogging has affected my life in so many more ways than this; my confidence has grown, I’ve become (arguably) a better writer and my photography has improved. Has blogging impacted your life in any surprising ways?