Long Lasting Lipstick Routine

Lipstick is one of my favourite make up items, but it isn’t half a pain! It wears off easily, smudges and can sometimes make your lips look 10x drier than they actually are. Over the years of lipstick wearing I think I have finally come up with the solution to get lipstick lasting all day (or night), so I thought I would share my ‘lipstick routine’ in case it may be useful to anyone!

Warning: Gratuitous and posy photos of my face coming up.

How to long lasting lipstick

Step 1: get everything together

You will need your lipstick of choice (I’m using Viva Glam Rihanna), a similar coloured lipliner (I’m using Essence’s red blush*), Lipcote, a lip scrub (I highly recommend Lush’s), lip balm or moisturiser (I’m using this petroleum jelly lipcare from Derma V10*) and some tissue.

Step Two: put other make up on first

How to make lipstick last longer

Lipstick is always the last part of my make up that I do. It makes sense as otherwise I would probably end up with cakey lips covered in foundation and setting powder!

Step Three: get rid of flakey skin

Long lasting lipstick how to routine

I have constantly dry lips, particularly at this time of year, which is always a lipsticks worst enemy when it comes to longevity. If I’m wearing lipstick then I always use a lip scrub first and my favourites are the ones from Lush, they’re so bloomin’ tasty and do a great job of getting rid of dryness without being too abrasive.

Step Four: slather on some lip balm

Make lipstick last all day how to

‘Slather’ is probably the wrong word to use here, I actually only use a very small amount, just to re-moisturise my lips from being scrubbed and to almost prime my lips ready for colour!

Step Five: line those lips

Lip liner long lasting lipstick

This is something I usually only do when I’m heading out for the evening or going somewhere that I feel I need to put a bit more effort in, but it really does make a difference to how neat my lipstick looks. As I have very thin lips, I often will line just slightly around my natural lip line to make them look a little fuller!

Step Six: apply lipstick – silly face absolutely essential

Apply long lasting lipstick

The best bit! I usually do the bulk of my lipstick application straight from the bullet and then neaten it up with a lip brush.

Step seven: blot

Long lasting lipstick routine how to

To get rid of any excess lipstick I blot my lips on a piece of tissue paper. I know that a lot of people would suggest putting on another layer of lipstick after this, but I personally find that just one coat of most lipsticks gives the desired result.

Step eight: seal your lipstick

Long lasting lipstick using lipcote tutorial how to

Finally, I use Lipcote to seal my lipstick to keep it in place all day! I just use the little brush that comes with it to lightly brush it over my lips and don’t allow my lips to each other for about a minute whilst it dries.

Step nine: be a touch narcissistic and do some posing

Long lasting lipstick

Do you have any hints or tips on keeping lipstick in place all day? I’d love to hear them!