Roaccutane Skincare Saviours

It’s coming up to one year since I was signed off my course of Roaccutane. Whilst it was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin and my self-confidence, I can still recall the horrors of my six month treatment and how dry it made my skin. That being said, there were a few skincare bits and pieces that made the whole experience a lot more bearable, so read on if you’re about to embark on a course of roaccutane and pick up these skincare treats to add to your roaccutane skincare arsenal. You’ll thank me later!

Roaccutane Skincare

A Moisturising Face Mask

Wearing make up whilst on roaccutane is a bit of a nightmare – you’re probably used to your makeup sliding off your face by midday in an oily slick but once the roaccutane kicks in, it’s an entirely different ball game! I’m talking you may find your make up actually flaking off due to how dry your skin is. Gross. Whilst your daily moisturiser can help a bit, what you really need is to treat your face a couple of times a week with an ultra-moisturising face mask. Whether it’s an intensive 10 minute mask or an overnight moisturising-miracle-worker – like my favourites from Origins – your face will love it.

Moisturising Body Lotion

It’s easy to put a lot of focus on your facial skin as, of course, that’s what everyone sees the most and it’s probably where your acne has been the most apparent. The side-effects of your roaccutane treatment, however, are unlikely to only affect the places your acne is and chances are you’ll find your body being much drier than usual! Make sure to use a moisturising body wash whilst you’re showering and – most importantly – follow up with a hydrating body cream such as Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream.


Holy moley did roaccutane cause my lips some issues. I actually have a scar near the centre of my bottom lip from where it kept splitting due to how dry my lips were. In the end, I was prescribed a light steroid-cream to help stop the cracking in my lips but even that only gave a light relief! Whilst nothing really ‘cured’ or stopped my lips from their dryness, having a thick lip balm handy at all times did help with the splitting. My personal favourite is carmex due to it’s thick – almost waxy – consistency, but really any lip balm will do!

Drink up that h2o

Okay so not technically a skincare product, but when you’re on roaccutane make sure you drink drink drink up! You’ll feel much better for the extra hydration boost. Before you head out of the door each morning, make sure you pop a bottle of water and your lipbalm in your bag.

These were just four of my skincare saviours when I was on roaccutane. If you’ve been on roaccutane I’d love to know what products you used to help make your treatment more bearable!