Going from blonde to grey: Voodou Button Street Review

For a while I’ve been considering a hair change. I’ve been a yellowy shade of blonde for around eight years now, so wanted a bit of a drastic change. I think silver hair looks amazing so decided that’s the way I wanted to go. After all, if it looked awful, I could always dye over it. I knew my hair would need some bleaching, toning and then maybe a dye so the next step was where to go to get this done. To be honest, my decision of which hairdresser didn’t take too long – I follow Voodou on social media so always see the amazing transformations they do daily on people’s hair. I’ve also wanted to pop in for a haircut there ever since the Treatwell launch party in their Bold Street Salon last year. When Voodou had a 50% off for new clients deal in January it was the perfect opportunity to book an appointment.

Blonde to grey hair before and after

image credit: Frankie from Voodou

Originally I had booked to go to the Bold Street salon, but on the morning of my appointment got a call to say my hairdresser was sick so had been moved over to Button Street. Panic ensued until I had a quick browse of twitter and found that my new stylist, Frankie, had done this incredible colour a few days before.

When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted with a smile, had my coat hung up and offered a drink. Very swiftly I was sat at my chair and was talking to Frankie about what I wanted. I’d had a strand test done a few days before so we had an idea that the silver/grey would work on my hair, I was just told that I’d be there for a long time.

The process of going from blonde to grey

The transformation of my hair began with bleaching it all. The bleach had to stay on for quite a while until my hair would take it and once it was washed off I looked suspiciously like a Malfoy. Then a toner/dye mix was put on my hair – it was initially on for around 45 minutes and went a darker purple as time went on. After it was washed off, it was quite uneven where my hair had taken the grey colour, so on went some more dye/toner for another thirty minutes or so to even it out. After that my hair was washed, conditioned, cut and I had a curly blow dry before finally leaving the seat I’d spent six (!!!) hours sat at and sashaying my way to Wahaca.

As my hair was still being stubborn and refusing to go grey even after two stints of colour, I went back the week after for another layer of toner which seems to have evened it out a little more. The team at Voodou Button Street were so friendly and easy to talk to and everyone was so passionate and talented. Also, despite how long I was there for I never felt uncomfortable (well maybe besides a slightly numb bum).

Caring for grey/silver hair

I’ll do a full post at some point over how I’ve been caring for my grey hair so far, but I’ve been using a mix of deep-conditioning shampoo/conditioner and a toning shampoo (which is the most beautiful purple colour). Despite my poor hair having to go through so much bleaching, it’s in incredibly good condition thanks to this combo mixed with leave-in conditioners and heat protector.

You can find out more about Voodou on their website where you can book appointments and see what services they offer, or you can book through treatwell.

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    Oh wow, this looks seriously amazing! xx

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    OMG! I want your hair! It’s so amazing!

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    That colour is so amazing on you! And seriously that curly blow is PERFECT!

    Sarah 🙂

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