Winter Warriors: Moisturising Wishlist

If anyone else is currently having the same skincare issues as I am then you’re in the right place. My skin is oily yet parched and the chilly weather followed by overly hot heating indoors is playing havok. In desperation I have been trawling online for products that might help and i’ve gathered a little list of both day moisturisers, night creams and also a moisturising mask that I thought I would share here in case it would help anyone else!

Winter Moisturising Wishlist


Q10 Night Cream – By helping to support the overnight regeneration process of skin, the Q10 night cream helps to promote natural skin repair and would really compliment the day cream! The night cream is also formulated to help skin that has been exposed to weather extremities so is perfect for winter-affected skin.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Adjunctive Hydrating Care SPF 30 – This moisturiser is created especially for those who are going through topical acne treatment, so it’s definitely something I want to pick up after payday! It protects skin from the elements by plumping it with moisture as well as being SPF 30.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream – This day cream activates and hydrates dry skin as well as balances oil production, which makes it perfect for oily skin that has been negatively affected by the chilly weather. The moisturiser is light and enlivens the skin, so should be an ideal base for makeup!

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care – This is the night time accompaniment to the Eucerin Hydrating care. It obviously doesn’t have SPF, but it does have lactic acid which aims to improve the complexion of skin by unclogging pores during the night.

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Mask – Providing a revitalising burst of moisture to skin, this mask gives skin moisture retaining qualities allowing it to protect itself from the elements. Using a moisturising mask once or twice a week, particularly when the weather has been playing up, is a great way to inject a shot of moisture.

Q10 Revitalizing Day Cream – On first glance this moisturiser looks as though it is aimed at mature skin, however with a little more reading about the product I personally think it would be great for any aged skin that has been a bit battered by the weather! It states that it does not clog pores whilst providing skin with a nice burst of moisture – making it perfect for oily yet winter battered skin.