How To Politely Refuse a Blogger Outreach Email

How to Decline a Blogger Outreach Email Hints and Tips

How to Politely Refuse a Blogger Outreach Email

So, you’ve been blogging for a while and it finally happened. You received an email out of the blue from a company who would ‘love to work with you’ and – brilliant – you’d love to work with them, too! You eagerly respond, pass on your address for said company to send along a sample product. Once it arrives you spend a little while trying it out then crafting your thoughts into a blog post, letting your readers know all about the ins and outs of the product.

Fantastic! It’s a win all around; you receive a swanky product to try out, your readers get a fantastic review and the company gets some exposure. But what happens when you receive an email from a company you don’t want to work with, or an email regarding a product or campaign that is not a good fit for your blog?

It can be a little daunting at first replying to these emails and your first thought may be to ignore them. If that’s really what you want to do then fine, go for it, but if you want your blog to create opportunities for you then you need to start building relationships. Sure the person contacting you from an electronics company may be working on a campaign for flying helicopters right now and may have been a little misguided in asking for you to feature it on your beauty blog, but they may soon be working for a cosmetics company and they are much more likely to have you on their radar if you spend a couple of minutes sending an email back.

Example Email Response

Here is just a very, very brief and polite refusal email that you can feel absolutely free to use if you’re unsure of how best to respond. Change it up of course and after sending a few you’ll be a natural and you won’t even need to use this framework – you’ll have your own!

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me and my blog, [Your Blog Name].

Unfortunately, [reason why you don’t want to work with the company or on this particular campaign], so will be unable to take part in this campaign.

However, please do feel free to keep me in mind for any future campaigns that you feel my blog may be suitable for.

Kind regards,
[Your name]

This is a very basic framework for a polite, to-the-point response to an outreach email for something you don’t want to work on at the moment. I hope that it may be helpful for some of you!