Catch up?

Sorry for my disappearing act, I just didn’t really feel much up to blogging for some reason. I’ve been working a lot, had some exciting news, bought Bruno Mars tickets, had a haircut, spent all of my money on car insurance,  had a mini weekend away with the boyfriend and caught Potter fever. I’m now horrifically far into my overdraft and counting down the days until payday.

Anyway, although I haven’t been taking any outfit pictures I wanted to show the bargainous £12 dress I picked up on Friday in Tesco. So, here you have a 2D outfit..

Tesco Dress Outfit
Dress – Tesco, Necklace – ASDA- Primark, Cardigan 
I wore this outfit for quite a long day including around three hours of travelling on Sunday and it was really comfortable. I think this dress may become a ‘go-to’ comfy outfit and although it is sleeveless I can see me wearing it through winter with a cardigan layered on top and thick tights.
  • mixnmatch1

    car insurance grrr,such a bummer 🙁

  • Rachel

    Hello! The dress looks gorgeous. Sometimes when you’re busy you just want to focus on the here and now – my ethos is plan your blog around your life, not your life around your blog 🙂 x

  • Hayley

    Ooh love the dress, very summery and such a bargain!!

  • Sassy

    I think that your blog is very nice :)… Great dress…
    Follow each other? I’m following you.

  • Bethany Heron

    Great dress! I always find such gems in Tesco! xx

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