Christmas Outfits from Desire

I wanted to get this post up now, before Christmas day, while it’s still relevant. Desire Clothing wasn’t a company I was familiar with until a little over a week ago, and boy do I feel like i’ve been missing out. They have some seriously lovely clothes at really nice prices (plus their January sale has started… even better!) I thought i’d show a few outfits that I mentally put together while I was browsing the site that I think would make excellent Christmas day outfits! 
I really love the sparkles in this outfit, which is always a plus for me on Christmas day. The jumper will be great for keeping the chill off as well as being super comfy. Plus, I just think it looks like the perfect jumper that could be popped on over anything and look great! 
Let’s ignore my naming of this one, shall we. (not to self: do not give outfit’s names) This look was based around the heels, which I think are gorgeous. I imagine the cardigan to be worn open, with a thin waist belt over the top. This is such a lovely look for Christmas day, it mixes the sparkles and comfort of the first look. There’s not many days of the year when you can boil sprouts while you wear beautiful sparkly dresses, after all.  
I really want all of these items in my wardrobe, this outfit is just lovely and would be perfect for the type of Christmas day i’m having (travelling about to three houses). The shirt has a bit of sparkle on the collar, and the skirt is such a beautiful Christmassy colour. I think red and navy always looks great together. Oh and the boots are just lovely! 
I would quite happily wear any of these outfits on Christmas day, but unfortunately i’ve been too poor to buy myself any new clothes. So I think i’ll just be popping on a newish dress and wearing my fake Lita boots all day. What will you all be wearing? 
This will probably be my last post for a few days while I enjoy the festivities. I have a nice short 4 hour shift in work tomorrow morning, then going for my yearly Christmas eve drinks with my friends in Wetherspoons tomorrow night. We’re doing secret santa this year and i’m really excited! 
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! 
Leanne xx.
  • Celia

    Love the skirt in the first pic 🙂
    Your Xmas sounds like mine, we’ll be travelling about all day, still gonna rock a mini dress and heels though haha! Hope you have a good one 🙂 x

  • Abercrombie

    I like them ! Abercrombie and fitch So beautiful !


    wow this stuff is awesome, i think i know where my christmas money is going be going now 😉 lol xx

  • Halima

    Hope you had a lovely christmas my dear!

    BTW, LOVE the skirt! xo

  • Sophie Isobel

    I love the skirt in the third outfit!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂