Designer Knitwear Wishlist from Paulie

Yesterday I discovered something slightly embarrassing although not altogether unsurprising… My clothes rail has broken. Snapped right in half along the bottom. Oops! It made me realise that maybe – just maybe – I have a few too many clothes. I’m terrible for going out and buying things willy nilly without really thinking about it, and I always envy anyone who has one of those ‘capsule wardrobe’ things.

Perfect Knitwear For a Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t think that my buying habits will change any time soon, but a capsule wardrobe is something I’m definitely coveting. Considering the Great British climate, one thing every wardrobe needs – capsule or not – is a piece or two of good knitwear. After recently being introduced to London based fashion boutique Paulie and having a browse of their website I fell in love with a few pieces of their designer knitwear and thought i’d share some of the pieces here!

Womens Designer Knitwear Wishlist from Paulie

Navy Fringed Hooded Poncho by Autumn Cashmere | Boatneck top by Autumn Cashmere | Wool and Cashmere Blend Ribbed Jumper by Allude

Who knows, maybe one day i’ll be able to have a high end capsule wardrobe – but until then I’ll just have to stick with my bulging wardrobe. Speaking of which, I need a new wardrobe!