Festival Fashion with Superdry

LB Festival Poster

An impromptu tongue-in-cheek poster to ‘Little Babble Fest’. I would never make it as a graphic designer…

Superdry Festival Fashion

Sometimes, if you think of an outfit, it’s almost like a music festival line up. You have your main act; the item that the rest of your outfit is working around, the second stage head liners; the cover ups and the shoes, and then you have the support acts; your accessories. Bearing this in mind, as my entry into Superdry’s Festival Fashion competition with the Style Rawr, I’ve created my ultimate festival fashion line up. To Little Babble Fest, of course:

The Headline Act

Taking main stage is this fantastically simple yet lovely Aztec Embroidered T Shirt. A t-shirt is the perfect choice as any festival outfit’s main item as they are perfect to layer up if it’s cold, can keep you cool when it’s hot and go with pretty much anything and will see you through from lounging by the camp site to dancing in the crowds – meaning that you don’t need to pack as much!

The Second Stage Headline Act

Perfect for anything the British weather can throw at you when living outside for five days is a pair of denim shorts. When it’s warm you can wear them with bare legs, when it’s a bit chillier you can wear a pair of leggings underneath; they really are the perfect attire.* I don’t particularly think that fringing and anything that dangles is actually all that suitable for a festival – I really wouldn’t fancy getting some fringing stuck down a portaloo… gross – but I adore this vintage trim kimono, and actually think it would make the perfect festival cover up.

*As this is Little Babble Fest, I am imagining that the weather will be gloriously sunny, so imagine this outfit with bare legs.

The Support Acts

Those bands that feature a little lower in the bill but are incredibly important in bringing the entire festival together. Or, in clothing terms, those accessories that perfectly accent an outfit. For this festival fashion outfit those accents are coming the form of Rock n Roll Folding Sunglasses; being able to fold them up means they will save space and sunglasses are a must not only for your fashion credentials but also for eye health when you’re at a festival. These Sentinel Boots would be my footwear of choice; festivals are certainly not the place for ballet flats or converse, even if it isn’t incredibly muddy the ground will often be uneven, so a pair of sturdy boots is your best bet so that you can walk about in comfort! Last but not least is this Bibra Rucksack; whilst you need to make sure that any valuable are kept in a locker – or even better, at home – you may still need to carry a few bits and bobs around with you and this rucksack is perfect for throwing things in and throwing over your shoulder so you can focus on what’s important; enjoying the festival fun!

What would be your perfect festival fashion outfit? Why not enter the big Superdry Festival Fashion competition? There’s still some time left to enter and you can see all the details on The Style Rawr’s blog here.