Five Easy Tips: Turning Your Outfit from Day to Night

Transforming daytime clothes into stunning evening ensembles can seem like a challenge, but in fact with a few surprisingly easy tricks up your sleeve, you can inject plenty of style and glamour into even the plainest of outfits. The following five steps should help you to switch seamlessly from day to night.

1) Use heels to instantly elevate your look

Flats or kitten heels might be perfect for walking around during the day, but when evening arrives and you want to elevate your look, it’s time to ditch these practical options in favour of something a little prettier. Stylish heels can transform otherwise dowdy ensembles into instant head-turners. So, if you’re going out straight from work, make sure you have a pair of killer heels or wedges to change into.

2) Try out some fashion tights

If you’re wearing a skirt of dress, a fun way to revamp your look is to slip into a pair of eye-catching fashion tights. From floral patterns to tartan check, you can take your pick from an array of designs, and you can introduce extra colour to your outfit with hosiery in an unusual hue. Specialist sites like Tights & More provide stockings and tights in colours ranging from understated greys and blues to striking yellows and pinks. If you’re not sure which styles would work best with your ensembles, look for inspiration online. The best thing is, a change of hosiery takes up hardly any space in your handbag.

3) Bring added glamour with statement jewellery

For added glamour, select some statement jewellery. A few well-chosen trinkets can make simple clothing choices seem like the height of sophistication. Earrings are especially important, and go big and bold if you want to shake off any daytime dreariness.

4) Switch up your accessories

Switching up a few accessories can also help to complete your new look. For example, you could slip a fashion belt around your waist to streamline your silhouette and swap your day bag for a delicate clutch. You might also want to leave your jacket behind and drape a colourful evening scarf over your shoulders instead.   

5) Spend a few minutes in front of the mirror

Lastly, make sure you factor in a few minutes in front of the mirror to touch up your makeup. For the evening look, consider thickening your eyeliner, using a shimmery eyeshadow and applying a deeper lipstick.

By the time you’ve taken these steps, you should have transformed your look from simple everyday to sexy night time chic.

  • Alice Young

    I love switching outfits for daytime to night, and these are really good tips for doing so!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Sarah

    It’s amazing how a fresh face of make-up and a change of bags can take your from day to night. I’ve had to get good at this as we have a habit of going out straight after work – and the more the holiday season kicks in the more this happens!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland