Getting Over The One with Jacamo

Tips on Getting Over Old Jeans

Male or female, it’s always tough getting over ‘The One’ – it feels like you spend years searching, trying a variety on for size and then that ‘one’ comes along and it’s like all of your birthdays have come at once. You fit each other well, they compliment your lifestyle and heck – they even make you look good. You spend days together, nights together – no matter the occasion you know you can always count on them to be there.

Things go well until – well – they’re not. You don’t fit together so well anymore, things start to get a bit frayed but all the while you hold on to them. Whether it’s fear that nothing else will compare or if it’s just habit you’ll never really know, until you can’t hold on anymore. You know that it’s best for you both to just let go and seek out something new.

So you put them in the bin.

Of course, I’m talking about jeans! Everyone has their ‘type’ and it’s always upsetting having to part with a pair that has seen you through many a ‘what on earth do I wear?!’ moment. And no, I’m not just talking to the ladies here, I’m talking to the men too – we all have a pair of jeans that are very much past their best and it’s hard to let them go.

When Should I Get Rid Of My Jeans?

Struggling to know if it’s time to part with your beloved pair? Read on for my three signs that it’s time to let go. And don’t worry – Jacamo, as part of their Denim Dilemmas, campaign have put together some hints and tips on how men (and ladies) can get over the jeans you loved.

Your dark denim now looks like it’s been white-washed

Faded denim is good if that’s what it’s supposed to be… but if your indigo denim is a bit on the pale side it’s probably time to move on.

Your skinny-fit jeans are a touch on the baggy side

Need I say more? A baggy crotch and saggy knees are seldom a good look. Keep it for the hareems.  

Your once-perfect denim is now ripped

I know, I know, ripped jeans are having a moment right now but that doesn’t mean that your old jeans with a rip down the seams are any kind of statement.

Have you ever had to get over your perfect pair of jeans? Did you move on to something new or did you repurchase the tried and tested fit that you love?