Lengthen your look with Topshop Petite

Whilst the best things come in small packages, sometimes you just want to give the illusion that you’re a little bit – well – bigger! It’s well known that if you want to lengthen your torso, legs or body that clothing with stripes that go up and down (or top to bottom, however you look at it) will give the illusion that you’re taller. If you have a petite frame and you’re looking to add some items to your wardrobe that will have you looking longer then the below items from Topshop’s petite fit range may be just what you’re after…

Torso Lengthening Dresses for Petites

Torso Lengthening Dresses from Topshop Petite

First up and perfect for wearing to work or out for casual drinks is this Patch Pocket Midi Dress (£55), whilst usually midi length skirts can make you look shorter, on this dress the tie around the waist works with the black and white stripes to give the illusion of longer legs. You could even get away with wearing a pair of flat sandals and still have your legs look like they go on for miles!

This Cami Mini Dress (£42) is the perfect summer dress. The lengthening stripes automatically make your torso look longer, and as it’s a mini dress the hem will sit above the knee – meaning there’s nothing cutting across your shin or knees which can make legs look shorter. Wear this with a pair of heeled sandals and your legs will look endless!

Not only will the stripes on this Airtex Stripe Dress (£55) give the illusion that you’re taller and the cinched waist will again give the illusion of lengthened legs, but the stripes around the bust will *ahem* enhance the assets of even the most flat-chested of us.

These are just three of my favourites from the current range at Topshop Petite that are perfect for giving us shorter-ladies the illusion that we’re longer than we really are. Do you have any tips on dressing to make yourself look longer? Which of these dresses are your favourite?