My Current Mulberry Collection

Charcoal Bayswater with Silver Hardware: RRP £795, I paid: £420 (with student discount)// Purple Continental Wallet with Silver Hardware: RRP: £295, I paid: £175 
If there’s one item high on many-a-ladies wish list, it’s a Mulberry bag. It’s no surprise really; they look good, are well-made and if looked after properly they will last a lifetime.
A Mulberry Bayswater had been high on my wish list for a very long time before I finally took the plunge in August 2012. I bought this beautiful charcoal Bayswater from the Mulberry outlet in Cheshire Oaks as a 21st birthday present for myself. In November last year I knocked another item off my wish list and picked up this lovely purple Continental Wallet from the same outlet.
As you can see, my Bayswater hasn’t got a tag and it also doesn’t have studs on the bottom. This is because it is one that was made especially for the outlets, I believe so that the people making the bags can practice. Whilst it may not have the tag or studs, it is still made to the same quality and using the same materials as a Bayswater from a regular Mulberry shop – except at a discounted price!
If you are after a Mulberry, then I really recommend heading to an outlet. The items in there are often old seasonal stock or ‘damaged’ – for Mulberry this could mean the tiniest scratch, or even a slightly wonky bit of stitching (their standards are incredibly high) – which means they have a large discount applied to the RRP. Of course, like any outlet, stock is varied and whilst you probably won’t find a classic black Alexa, you will find a whole host of other beautiful Mulberry bags, accessories and purses, at a discounted cost!
  • Niina – It seems pretty obvious.

    Yes I would love to have a Mulberry bag! I’m going get one some day 🙂

  • Kirsty Sheepy

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my blog post for details & the questions I have asked you xx

  • Roisin Elizabeth Keats

    I can’t believe you got student discount! I wish I lived near a Mulberry factory store, though it may result in me spending even more money :L

  • fashionista observer

    Love these. they are beautiful!!!! Love your blog. Found it at the BBloggers chat and its fab!!

    roisin xx