2012: The Highlights

I was unsure of whether or not to do this post, as 2012 hasn’t been the greatest year i’ve ever had but then again, it has also had some great moments. I’m all about focusing on the positives, however, so have decided to do a round up post of all the good stuff that happened in 2012 via Instagram pictures of course.
At the grand old age of twenty I got the (almost) perfect teeth i’ve been longing for throughout my adolescence // I became my stores ‘coffee master’. Don’t ask me why but I’ve wanted that black apron since I started working for the ‘Bucks over two years ago // I bought my first Mulberry! // I entered the third year of my degree and it’s been a real struggle due to my health but I’m finally on top (sort of) and i’m so excited to get fully into writing my dissertation // I spent a lovely week in Tunisia with my boyfriend where the weather was insanely amazing. // I bought myself (with a lot of help from my Dad) a nice new car. I did have a thirteen year old KA and whilst he still drove a dream, he struggled somewhat to manage my daily commutes into Liverpool so I bought a nice little two year old KA. I’m still infatuated with it. And yes, he does have a name. It’s Marvin.
2013 is the year that I graduate and have to start ‘real’ life. I also turn 22 which seems like such a scary age. I had high hopes for 2012 and it was mostly rubbish, so I’m making no plans for 2013. I just hope that this time in a year I can look back and say ‘you did good’.
Have a wonderful New Years Eve everyone, whatever you’re doing.

Leanne xx
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    Good going with your no plans for 2013. Just sit back and enjoy. Even though there will be bad times, there will also be plenty of good ones too. Happy new year! πŸ™‚ x