2013: The Highlights

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful evening last night, whether you were out partying until the early hours or had a low key night on the sofa. I spent mine at a friends house and indulged in a few too many Southern Comfort and Lemonades, whilst probably embarrassing myself with my not-so-funky dance moves. I thought that I’d do my usual end of year blog post (I’m a bit late, oops!) and take a look back at my highlights of 2013.
One of my team mates wrote this on the stores community board on my last day. I thought it was really sweet!
My biggest highlight of this year is definitely getting my new job that I started in August. I had worked at Starbucks for three years, knew the job inside out and whilst I absolutely adore everyone who I worked with, I was desperate to leave! With all of the news around about unemployed graduates, job cuts and all other negativity surrounding the graduate job market I honestly thought that no one would ever hire me, so I was so pleased to get my new job! 
On the hottest day of the year (maybe not but it felt like it). I donned a very pretty dress that had a whole lot of fabric, wore a heavy hat and an even heavier gown then proceeded to wander the streets of Liverpool all for my graduation. As hot as it was, it was a lovely (if a bit erm, boring. Sorry!) day. It’s not something I like to talk about, but at the end of 2012 I was really struggling with university, in fact I was struggling with life quite a bit and leaving university for a year was a real consideration of mine. So being able to graduate this year, with a good grade to boot, made me feel really proud of myself for picking myself up and getting on with it.
2013 saw me go to Download Festival, which is the first festival I’ve ever been to! Whilst overall I did have a good weekend and saw some amazing bands, I did get really ill and have to come home on the Saturday, but then went back on the Sunday. (Pointless perhaps but I wasn’t missing Rammstein, illness or no illness!) Despite the weekend being disrupted, I had a great time and know for next time that festival camping isn’t for me!  
I haven’t been on a holiday abroad this year; however I have had some weekends away. I’ve been to London twice, once to see the brilliant The Book of Mormon then once a few weekends ago to watch the X Factor Final. I also tagged along with my boyfriend on a long weekend trip to Swindon, and used the close proximity to Bath to take a trip there and visit the Roman Baths. I also had a nice long weekend in Manchester at the beginning of December! 
All of these things and many others have made 2013 an overall great year; however my health has yet again been the dampening factor. I have spent more time than I care to think of in the doctors waiting rooms, been prescribed a variety of tablets over the year and also have had to have two blood tests and I’m still no further aware of what’s wrong with me! These physical symptoms mixed with the disaster that is my mental health has been really difficult to deal with at times. But hey who knows, maybe 2014 will be a healthy year.
So what about you, what are your highlights of 2013? If you’ve written a similar blog post then feel free to leave me links in the comments!
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