2015 Resolutions

I’m not usually one for the whole New Year’s resolution thing. I always think I’ll aim to do this and that over the next year but it never generally comes to fruition. 2014, however, has been such an odd year for me that I think I need some focus in 2015! Here are a few resolutions that I have for 2015:

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This sounds broad, I realise, but I had so much going on in 2014 that I only managed to read one book for pleasure. As an English graduate and lover of books I am actually shocked with myself and my poor display of page turning. I will still be fairly busy in 2015, but I am going to aim to read one novel per month to try and get reading mojo back and then hopefully more than this!

Eat Less FODMAP Foods

At a doctor’s appointment earlier this year actually, last year!) it was advised that I start eating a ‘Low FODMAP’ diet, which I have failed at quite miserably due to many of my favourite foods being quite high in FODMAPs (bread, mostly… and coca cola.) I am however starting to reach the end of my tether with feeling cruddy and bloated all the time (TMI, sorry!) So 2015 is the year I try and sort this out! I’ll be going slowly but surely, starting off with cutting FODMAPs from breakfast then snacks before moving on to lunch and dinner.


I hate to be one of those people, but I do intend to re-join the gym in 2015. Not straight away in January – I’m going to sort out the whole food thing first – but definitely early in the year! I can’t ignore my expanding waistband and flabby stomach any longer!

Have you made any resolutions this year?