Alternative Valentine Days Out

Now I don’t want to come across as a cynical singleton or anything, but I have never been into Valentine’s Day. The mushy cards and overstuffed restaurants have never really been my thing however, as this year is my first single Valentine’s Day in seven years, I am feeling a tad… alone. My inbox is full of meal deals for two, I’ve been helping people book romantic weekend getaways in work and even my bank wants me to open a shared account. Sigh.

So, welcome one and all to the first themed week I have ever had here on Little Babble… Alternative-Valentines week. Don’t worry; it won’t all be men-hating and romance-bashing, oh no. It’s going to be all about treating yourself, alternative ways to spend the fourteenth February and just an overall dodging of teddy bears, anatomically incorrect hearts and flowers.

I’m kicking the week off with a couple of ideas of ways you can spend the fourteenth of February away from doe-eyed lovers, set menus and heart shaped balloons. Unless you like that kind of thing, of course.

Jack The Ripper Tour

Jack The Ripper

With boasts such as ‘starting the tour right in the heart of where the murders first began’, ‘we visit more murder sites than any other tour’ and ‘we use original crime scene images’ it is safe to say that the Jack The Ripper Walking Tour in London is about as unromantic as it gets. The tour promises to be dark, gruesome and quite frankly a little bit scary!

Top Gear Live

Top Gear Live

This is how I’m spending my Valentines; at Top Gear Live with my dad. As far as I’m concerned, it is the ultimate anti-Valentines way to spend the day; there is nothing even vaguely romantic about watching Clarkson, Hammond and May’s automobile related banter, but for car fans and those who like a laugh (they can be quite funny) it’s an ideal day out, and I’m pretty excited. Although, I would put money on me ‘falling in love’ with at least five cars…

The York Dungeon

York Dungeon Image

Visiting the York Dungeon last year was probably one of my favourite days out, and I am desperate to go again! It’s a tad scary, a little smelly and definitely not for the faint hearted. In fact I may havescreamed a tiny bit at one point. Definitely not the typical romantic day out!

* I definitely, definitely screamed.

Do you have any plans for this weekend? Will you be keeping things traditional with your other half or is something a little alternative more your style?

  • xXxStundonxXx

    Some great ideas. We don’t tend to celebrate V. Day, we usually buy each other a card and some form of tack and that is it. We’ve said this year we aren’t even doing that, I think the older we get the less we enjoy it. We don’t go out usually as it is just too busy and overrated! Damn I’m miserable!

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life