Blog Goals for 2016

2016 Blog Goals Little Babble

2016 marks my fifth year of blogging – how crazy is that? Now whilst I’m pleased of my blog how it is, I always feel like it’s quite a bit ‘lacking’ in a lot of ways. This year I want to sort this out so I’ve made up a few blog goals for the upcoming year.

Blog More Consistently

I say this every year and one year maybe it will come true. I find juggling a blog, working full time, spending time with Rupert (and Colin), having a social life, studying and seeing my boyfriend a lot to handle and I’m such a procrastinator. In general I need to plan a lot better and use my time more wisely, but blogging a little more would be great and is something I hope to work towards this year.

Take More Photographs

Having been on a couple of photography courses (read about my time getting my ‘DSLR Off Auto’ here) and having three fairly decent cameras (even the one on my phone is good) I seldom take good photographs. I’m one of those people who never wants to ‘live life through a lens’ but I would like to take more photos to use in blog posts etc.

Take Part in More Twitter Chats

I used to take part in at least two chats per week and loved them. One of the best parts of blogging is chatting to other bloggers and those hours on twitter are a great way to do so – plus you find loads of great blogs! As I mentioned earlier, I struggle with time keeping and procrastinate a lot so I mostly miss the chats these days.

Get Involved in Guest Posting

I’ve only ever written a couple of guest posts for other bloggers in my time and I’ve never had anyone guest post here but this is something I’d like to change. Let me know via a tweet or by sending me an email if you’re a blogger who would like to post here on Little Babble!

Update all Broken Images

When I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress, a lot of the images on my blog went a little bit odd and are broken. It’s time consuming and fiddly but it’s something I really need to sort out!

What blog goals, if any, do you have for 2016?Β 

  • Jessica Riley

    I’m with you on the great blog re-vamp!

    We got this hun!

    The Crown Wings

  • Jennie

    Some good goals here πŸ™‚ Some of mine are the same! x