Christmas 2015 Bucket List

There’s something in the air this year and I am overtaken with Christmas spirit. There aren’t enough mince pies, garish jumpers or twinkling lights in the world to satiate my lust for all things festive! As such and inspired by my girl Sarah and her Christmas Bucket List post I wanted to share one of my own.
Things To Do At Christmas Time
  1. Have hot chocolate and cake with my mum – every year we try to fit in some time for me and my mum to do a bit of Christmas shopping and we always go for a hot chocolate, too! We didn’t manage to do it last year so I want to make sure that we do this Christmas.
  2. Take Rupert and Colin on a festive walk – with not being at home much I don’t spend as much time as I’d like with my two boys. I have a day booked off just before Christmas to spend with them and I have plans to take them on a festive wander!
  3. Do some festive baking – I’m not sure what… maybe chocolate orange cup cakes!
  4. Spend some time doing Christmas crafts – I quite fancy crackers or handmade gift tags… or both!
  5. Build a gingerbread house – I did this a couple of years ago from a kit (cheating, I know) and I hope to do it again this year because I had so much fun. Granted, the gingerbread in the kit was revolting and so hard I almost broke a tooth, but it looked pretty!
  6. Go on a walk to look at Christmas lights – I love when people decorate the outside of their houses and I love chilly winter walks. Mixing the two together by going for an evening walk to look at outdoors decorations followed by warming up with a hot chocolate sounds like my ideal way to spend an evening at Christmas time.
What’s top of your Christmas bucket list this year? 
  • Elaine

    This is a great list, i hadn’t thought of writing everything done – great idea! I’ve always wanted to build a gingerbread house!

    Elaine x