Christmas Bits

I know i’m a bit late but… hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I had a really nice couple of days (I declared Christmas started once I’d finished work at midday on Christmas eve.) I went to Wetherspoons on Christmas Eve with some friends for our traditional Christmas drinks, this year with added Secret Santa. I decided to drive, so it wasn’t merry for me but it was really nice to see all of my friends together as it only happens a few times a year. Christmas day was a bit of a blur involving a lot of driving around and a lot of scrunched up wrapping paper. I got some really lovely gifts and made my boyfriends day by buying him something he really wanted but thought he wouldn’t get (10+ girlfriend points!). Then on boxing day we went to my Nan’s house for a Christmas dinner with her and my Granddad. All in all, a lovely few days πŸ™‚ thought I’d show a few instagram pictures I took over the days. 

Stealing my friends Christmas hat at Christmas Eve Drinks // Sparkly Nails // My and Rupert dressed as reindeer you just can’t see either of our Antlers!) // Colin dressed as Father Christmas // Rupert in his Rudolph outfit // Boxing day dinner // My haul of presents 
I got some seriously lovely bits and pieces, including a fox print bag from Next that I’ve wanted for ages, a foot spa, lots of Body Shop goodies, a Bruno Mars pillow (I’m an obsessive Hooligan and proud!), pyjamas, a keyboard for my iPad and a Guess bracelet. Also the usual chocolates, money and comfy socks. 
I also picked up a few bits and pieces in the sales – including a LOT more Body Shop stuff from the outlet that was seriously discounted. 
What about you guys, did Father Christmas bring you anything nice? Did you pick up any decent bits from the sales? 
Leanne xx. 
  • Celia

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas πŸ™‚ The fox bag sounds pretty special too!x

  • Raz

    Love the OPI varnish. Also glad I’m not the only one who gets girlfriend points!

  • Eloise

    oh I wish I had your dog for christmas!


  • Sarah

    Looks like a great time – I spy animal bars, mmm!!! πŸ™‚ x

  • Becca

    your dog is so cute! Im also insanely jealous of your lovely long nails! Glad you had a great christmas xxxxx

  • Vicki

    omg your pug is so cute! and so photogenic! our pugs look so weird in photos but are so cute in real life πŸ™‚ x

  • Ayeisha

    Lovely photos!
    Whats the name of that OPI nail polish it looks really pretty!


  • Marie Loves


    Marie x

  • selmie

    Your dog is sooo cute! I love pugs πŸ™‚