Christmas Shopping at Liverpool One

Christmas at Liverpool One

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As great as online shopping is, nothing can beat heading out for a day of festive retail therapy. Year round, my shopping destination of choice is Liverpool One and I always end up taking a few trips when it comes to Christmas shopping!

Tips for Christmas Shopping at Liverpool One

I’m very lucky that I don’t live too far from Liverpool One, so it’s easy for me to just pop in for an afternoon or a few hours, but if you’re coming from a bit further afield chances are you’d like to spend a bit longer and make a day of it. Luckily with so many shops, restaurants and things to do around Christmas time, Liverpool One is the perfect festive destination for a full day out. Read on for a couple of tips on making the most of a day shopping at Liverpool One.

Book a table

First things first; if you ask me, one of the best parts of a shopping trip is refuelling with a nice meal at the end of the day. With so many restaurants in Liverpool, you’re likely to be stuck for choice of where to eat. Restaurants are often really busy, especially if you’re there on a weekend, so it’s definitely a good idea to decide where you want to eat before and get a table booked so you don’t have to wait around.

Go early to beat the rush

As with any city centre, Liverpool gets incredibly busy, especially near shops and especially near Christmas time! On weekdays Liverpool One is open at 9.30 and on Saturday it’s 9.00am (11am on Sundays), so it’s definitely worth getting there early to beat the crowds. Arrive when the shops open and go straight to buy anything specific that you need so you can relax a bit more during the rest of your day.

Make time for a coffee/cocktail stop

Shopping is thirsty work and there’s nothing better than a little afternoon pick me up. Make sure you take the chance to rest your legs, refuel and have a look over your purchases/plan what else you need to pick up! If you’re not driving, there are loads of places you could go to get a cocktail or – if you’re feeling super festive – a mulled wine. Alternatively, Liverpool One is home to some amazing coffee shops and cafes so you can warm up with a hot chocolate or coffee.

Wear comfortable shoes

We’ve all been there after buying a pair of amazing boots or shoes only to be in agony the first time you wear them and not realising until it’s too late! A day of walking around shops is not the time to be trialling new footwear, so go with a tried-and-tested pair that you know won’t leave you looking for any excuse to sit down.

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