Cinnamora: Cinnamon Flavoured Soft Drink

Cinnamora cinnamon flavoured soft drink Review

It’s no secret that I love cinnamon. Whether it’s burning a cinnamon scented candle, putting cinnamon syrup in a coffee or having cinnamon waffles (and ice cream please, thank you) I thoroughly enjoy this glorious spice.

Not only is cinnamon tasty, but the spice has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years to help conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol and indigestion. Bearing this in mind, I was intrigued by Cinnamora, which is designed to be a refreshing and easy way to consume the spice and it’s benefits.
The drink comes in handy cans so that you can simply grab one from the fridge when you’re feeling thirsty. It’s still, so even if you’re not a fan of carbonated drinks you can enjoy Cinnamora.
You can find out more about Cinnamora and how to purchase the drink on their website here.
image taken from the Cinnamora twitter page