Disneyland Paris Restaurant Wishlist

Disneyland Paris Restaurants

In a mere six weeks (and one day) myself and Hannah are heading off to Disneyland Paris, and we couldn’t be any more excited! When we booked our stay, we got a free half board upgrade which means we get breakfast and then either lunch or dinner in our hotels restaurant, Chuck Wagon Café, buffet-style. As great as this will be – and trust me, I will be raiding the breakfast buffet daily – I’m unsure I’ll be able to face eating in the same place each day of our trip. Especially not after seeing this infographic from MyVoucherCodes.co.uk which says there are 66 restaurants in Disneyland Paris. SIXTY SIX. This makes me both excited and full of panic – we’re only there for three days, how can we possibly choose where to eat on each day?

Pre-planning seems key here to ensure we’re not overwhelmed when we get there! Me and Hannah are both huge food fans, and we’ll be meeting up before our trip to make a rough plan of our days and make any bookings we need to. I have absolutely no doubt that where we’ll be eating will play a huge part in these discussions. Here are five restaurants/eating experiences I will be bringing to the table (ha) when we sit down to make our Disneyland Paris plans.

Auberge de Cendrillon

Topping not just my Disneyland Paris Food list but my Disneyland Paris Wishlist in general is a meal at Auberge de Cendrillon. Or, rather, lunch/dinner with princes and princesses. Not only does the food menu sound amazing, but the setting looks beautiful and THERE WILL BE PRINCESSES! It will probably be the most expensive meal we’ll have whilst in Paris, at about £56 per person for three courses, but for the experience I think it may just be worth it!

Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

A Texan dinner, show and you get a hat when you arrive? Sign me up! The food at Buffalo Bills Wild West Show sounds fairly good but the show sounds great – telling the story of how the West was won with appearances from Mickey and friends throughout. For dinner and the show it’s another pricey one at £47.70 each but I think it’ll be well worth it!

Starbucks DLP

A strange one, I know. I’m fully aware that there’s a Starbucks on every corner in the UK and yes, I did sell my soul to that company during the three years I worked there whilst at university but whether you like it or not, they do serve great drinks. This may be my first time going to Disneyland Paris but i’m fairly certain i’ll be needing a coffee boost every now and again, plus I always quite like going to Starbucks in other parts of the world. And, I want a drink from one of those ‘Disney Parks’ cups, don’t judge me.

Pizzeria Bella Notte

Inspired by The Lady and The Tramp, the interior (and exterior) of this ‘Italian Fast Food’ style restaurant look beautiful, the prices don’t seem that bad and they serve pizza in the shape of Mickey’s head. Mickey. Mouse. Shaped. Pizza. Granted, I think it’s only children under 11 who can indulge in a Mickey-shaped-margherita but alas, a trip to Pizzeria Bella Notte is on my eating wishlist regardless!

Au Chalet de La Marionnette

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a sucker for a theme and if you can’t eat in a Pinocchio themed restaurant like Au Chalet de La Marionnette when you’re in Disneyland then where can you eat? I’ll be honest, the food here sounds fairly standard but there are a selection of decently-priced set menus which include a drink.

Have a Disneyland Paris Tip?

It was so difficult to narrow this down to just five eateries for the sake of this blog post. I’ve never been before so I’d love to hear your tips for my visit. If you’ve been to DLP before I’d love to know any foodie recommendations you have!

  • http://rainbowcrush.com/ Kat

    Have a lovely time! I went to Disneyland Paris well over 10 years ago and it was only a day trip but I had lots of fun! It was near Halloween so they had a Halloween parade which was amazing.

    Kat xx

    • http://www.little-babble.com/ Leanne Dempsey

      Thanks Kat, we’re going around Halloween too! I’m so excited for the Halloween parade 😀 xx