Friday Favourites

Goodness, is it really Friday July already? This year is flying by!

I love seeing posts of what people are currently loving and monthly favourite posts, so I thought i’d do one a bit similar and share with you all a few of my favourite things right now.
I’m on my new pc and haven’t installed any photo editing software yet – so I’ve just let blogger re-size this mahoosive picture.
#1. Padlock Bag, New Look. I used the 20% off code from last weeks Buzz magazine to make a little order from New Look and I had a tough choice choosing between which bag to buy, they have so many nice ones right now. I decided upon this one in the end and i’m glad I did. It’s quite small but still fits in my ‘essentials’ – phone, car keys, lip balm, anti bacterial hand gel and hand cream without a problem. I’ve used it every time i’ve been out since it arrived and it goes well with pretty much any outfit!
#2. Denim Shorts, New Look Teen. I bought these at the same time and with the same discount code as the bag. I’m a huge fan of shorts, and my pair of denim shorts always seems to be my ‘go-to’ bottoms whenever I’m having a struggle deciding what to wear so I decided to buy a new pair. These are age 13 (roughly a size 8) and they fit amazingly well. I’m sure you’ll be seeing these in many an outfit post in the future!
#3. Feather Necklace, George at ASDA. I had only went into Asda last Friday for a couple of bottles of fruit cider however I find it very difficult to walk away from a cute necklace or bracelet without picking it up and taking it to a till so this very quickly found itself in my basket. I think it was only about £4 too, so a bargain!
Is anyone else struggling to stay away from all the sales right now? I’ve already renewed my car insurance for the year, so I feel like a huge financial weight has been lifted, but I still have a London trip for my birthday to save for so i’m trying my best to stay away from the sales!
Pug puppy harness
Oh and just to finish, because i’m still in the ‘ZOMGZZ PUPPIIIES SO CUTEEE!’ stage… my absolute favourite little man
  • Funny Little Frog

    awww your dog is gorgeous!!!
    I can never resist sales…..I’m going to London on Monday so was saving for then, but bought stuff from DP and River Island sales this week!! xxx

  • Dilan Dilir

    great post 😀

  • Courtney Ash

    He is absolutely ADORABLE! And ummm idk if those are high waisted shorts but I WANT SOME SO BADLY! I think they are so so so adorable!

  • Charlotte Elizabeth Michelle Manning

    awwwwweh you have my dream doggy!!!
    i’d love a pug, me and my boyfriend are looking to rent a house just so we can have one 🙂
    i’m pretty desperate!!they are soo cuuutte!
    i also love the shorts you bought from new look!!!

  • shanice

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  • shanice

    I love how your dog’s looking at the camera like he’s annoyed you’re taking a photo haha, so cute!x

  • nana

    your dog is adorable 🙂
    and those shorts look amazing!

  • Voe

    Your little puppy is gorgeous! I hope you save enough to make it to London, it’s nice here.

    I adore your blog and will definitly come back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it.

    All the best,

  • Fiona

    Hey thank you for following my blog 🙂 following back! Love your posts and your puppy so adorable!!!
    Would you be interested in a clothes swap blog feature by any chance?? xxx