Getting More Winter with Crystal Ski

As a regular(ish) visitor to the Trafford Centre, I’ve driven past Chillfactore many a time but have never been brave enough to venture in. I’m not really the most adventurous type but after I received an invitation to Get More Winter with Crystal Ski by partaking in a skiing lesson at Chillfactore, I thought it would be a great way to finally give skiing a try whilst finding out more about Crystal.

Skiing with Crystal Ski

Skii's at Chill Factore

Bunny slope at Manchester's Chillfactore

After arriving at the Chillfactore (and for the first time ever being the first one at the event), having a chat with Kirsty from Crystal over a drink and meeting my fellow skiers it was time to hit the slopes!

We got our ski jacket and trousers, popped them on and then got fitted for our ski boots and skis. I had to get help from the very kind chap who gave me my boots to put them on; not because they were a struggle (although they are very tight and you have to put them on on in a particular way) but because I was trying to put them on the wrong feet. It was around this time that I realised I probably wouldn’t be a natural skier.

Suited and booted we hit the bunny slope for our ski lesson. We learnt the basics; how to put our skis on, walking in skis and just generally getting comfortable with having skis on. Once comfortable – well, as comfortable as you can be with ski gear on – we learnt how to walk up the slope (like a crab, if you’re wondering) then skied down. It was around this time that I realised my earlier assumption was correct; I am not a natural skier.

I screamed my way down the first time, crashed into someone the second (in my defence, I didn’t know how to stop at this point) all the while putting pressure on my knees which meant I was in agony. By my third go, I had to take a step to the side for a ski break. Definitely not a natural. I headed back after a few minutes and went for a few more disastrous skies down the slope. Our instructor, rob, was incredibly patient and really good at showing us what to do and supporting us when we were a bit wibbly (mostly me).

After our hour lesson we shuffled our way off the slopes, took off our ski gear and headed for some well-deserved food and drink. My favourite part of pretty much every event I’ve been to as a result of my blog is sitting about and getting to know the other attendees; as I’d never actually met anyone else at the event it was nice getting to know some new faces (and getting some new blogs to read!)

A big thank you to Crystal for inviting me to my first ever skiing experience – I definitely want to give it a try again, but maybe not until I figure out what’s wrong with my odd ball knees!

Bloggers skiing

The beginners skiing group: me, Naffy, instructor Rob, Asma, Sindy and Tom.