Getting My DSLR Off Auto With Currys

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Get Your DSLR Off Auto with Currys and Manchester Photographic

A fortnight ago I had the pleasure of attending the Currys ‘Get Your DSLR Off Auto Event’ at Manchester Photographic, as arranged by the wonderful team at Joe Blogs.
Whilst I like to think I know a thing or two about the settings on my camera, going to a photography course is something I have been considering for quite a while so was outrageously pleased when the invitation to this event landed in my inbox!
The day was incredibly informative and our teacher, Christian, was fantastic at explaining everything to us and giving us time to try everything out for ourselves on our cameras. We learnt all about the best way to hold our cameras, focusing, aperture, exposure and ISO amongst other bits and pieces.
After a while of learning the basics it was lunch time – a seriously amazing buffet – before heading out to the Manchester Food and Drink Festival to take some snaps. The festival was a great place to try out our new photography skills as there was so much going on. It was lucky that we had lunch before we went, because the festival smelt so good I could have happily eaten everything! Although I did snag a couple of samples whilst walking around… it would’ve been rude not to!
Once we got back to Manchester Photographic Christian talked us through a few ways of editing pictures to really give them the wow factor and then – after a group photograph of course – we headed our separate ways.
The day was really fantastic; I learnt an awful lot and got to talk to some great people, not only the lovely Joe Blogs team and fellow bloggers, but also stall holders at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival (who were incredibly patient with me whilst I went poking around taking snaps!)
Oh, and I can confirm… my camera is now firmly off-auto!
Group photo taken from Currys post about the day, that you can read here.
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  • char

    I really want to find a course like this near to me, as I have a DLSR and don’t know how to use most of the settings. I know it will do a lot more than I know how to.