Life Update

Hello hello! Here I am, getting ready to hop back onto that blog-wagon after a somewhat planned hiatus from writing, photographing and editting things for this little space of mine. Unlike my usual scattered blog posts though, this time there’s a real reason – I’ve made that big first step onto the career ladder. I now work as an ‘SEO Marketing Assistant’ in the marketing department of a very nice company. 
It’s all very exciting and I feel very lucky to be in full-time employment so soon after graduating, but it’s also been a big change that i’m still getting used to. I’ve gone from working irregular hours (starting work at 6.30am some days to not finishing until 8.30pm on others, including weekends) to working a nice 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday. It’s a huge change and i’m becoming very well acquainted with the M56 (rush hour traffic is a pain in the behind), but i’m really enjoying it so far. 
So, bloggywise this technically means I will have more time to blog. I won’t be making any promises though, as I still need to get into some semblance of  routine. I did however give Little Babble a bit of a face lift last week. It would definitely fit in well with The Plastics on Wednesdays wearing all this pink! 
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Leanne xx.
  • Charlee Greenhalgh

    Congrats on the job πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about it being a change I’ve been the same it feels weird getting into a Monday-Friday routine.


  • Ravi Shankar

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