Office Party Survival Tips With George

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Dress, Bag & Shoes all George at ASDA*
It’s been over eleven months since the last one, and many of us will still be scratching our heads and trying to piece together what on earth happened. I’m talking of course about Christmas party season. That one night of the year when you can let your hair down and indulge in a drink or twelve with the people you spend 40+ hours per week with. This gorgeous lace skater dress is what I’ll be wearing to my works Christmas party; it’s high neck ensures there will be no boob-related malfunctions and the length means I don’t have to worry when I inevitably fall over. The metallic lace overlay makes the dress feel Christmassy without being in your face glittery and I adore the way it fits.
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Christmas Party Tips

So far in my working life I’ve been to a number of Christmas parties and whilst I’m not at all an expert on the things (who is), I’ve collaborated with George at ASDA to share with you my #GeorgePartyTips to ensure that your office Christmas party goes without a hitch.
1. Don’t pre game too hard. You’ll probably be nervous (especially if you’ve never been out with your colleagues before) but drinking too much before you head out is only going to lead to disaster later on in the night. A glass of something whilst getting ready is all you need to loosen up.
2. Do all your prep the day or night before. Often, office Christmas parties take place after the working day, so time to get ready may be limited. Save yourself time by doing your nails, tan, hair removal and all that other behind-the-scenes stuff the night before. That way you don’t need to worry about rushing your wax or having streaky tan lines!
3. Plan your outfit in advance. I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but make sure you know what you’re wearing in advance. You don’t want to be rummaging through your wardrobe 20 minutes before you’re due to leave trying to find a dress you thought you had but probably donated to a charity shop. Make sure that the day before the party your outfit is washed and lay it out with your accessories and shoes – that way you know where everything is. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been about to leave the house to discover that I’ve lost a left shoe and had to have a quick re-think.
4. Find out the money situation. An odd one and something that may be difficult to approach, but find out in advance how much money (if any) you need to take with you. More often than not the party will be put on by your company as a thank you for your hard work during the past year and drinks during dinner will be included but if you want a tipple after the meal you may need to bring your own cash.
5. Have fun! Christmas comes but once a year so let your hair down, don’t be scared to dance and enjoy yourself with your colleagues.

This post was written in collaboration with George