Saying Goodbye to Summer with Cotton Traders

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Cotton Traders Summer Sundown at Allotment

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to Cotton Trader‘s Summer Sundown event in Manchester; an excuse for a group of us to get together and say goodbye to summer and a big hello to Autumn.
Before the event I met up with Hannah – which was lovely as I haven’t seen her since we both got a little bit over zealous on 2-for-1 cocktails last year (evidence here). In true form – and after Hannah kindly accompanied me to the Man City FC Store – after finding the event location in the Northern Quarter, we sneaked into a bar next door for a cocktail. Once our cocktails – and a bizarre shot that could only be described as ‘fizzy sangria’ – had been consumed, we headed over to the event.

Venue: Allotment Bar & Restaurant, Manchester’s Northern Quarter

The event was held in Allotment; an amazing bar and restaurant themed as – you guessed it – an allotment. We were greeted by Sophie and Vic from Branded 3 who introduced us to the event with prosecco before saying our hellos and settling ourselves down. The event was really relaxed with food, props for photos, a summer time quiz, drinks and chatting. It was lovely to catch up with Kat  as well as meet some new faces!

A few weeks before the event we were asked to email across five of our favourite summer time photos for an activity at the event. Cue me wracking my brain to try to think what the activity could be. As it turns out, the team had gotten our photos and printed and gave them to us during the event alongside some scrapbooking materials and a scrapbook which was such a lovely idea!
After cooing over how lovely the scrapbook was and making big plans with Hannah to buy VIP Little Mix tickets (we ended up just going for regular tickets… SO EXCITED) and calling Zayn a douchebag on the summertime quiz (as always being my professional and pleasant self), we said our goodbyes and headed off to the train station.
Overall the event was lovely, and the theme of saying goodbye to summer was continued with the goody bags which were full of items to help us stay snuggly in the colder months. Including shortbread, a hot chocolate spoon, hot water bottle and big cosy socks.
I am not a big fan at all of saying goodbye to summer, but a big thank you to Cotton Traders and Branded 3 for making the 2015 transition a little more bearable! How about you, are you more an Autumnal fan or do you like to hold on the heat of summer for as long as possible?
You can read Cotton Traders’ round up post of the evening here.