Scruffy Chops Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Woofwoof Little Babble readers, Rupert here! My mum has let me take over her blog today so that I can tell the world about my experience with Scruffy Chops shampoo and conditioner for dogs.
Scruffy Chops Natural Dog Shampoo Sensitive Skin Review
I don’t like bath time. It eats into my snoozing and scratching and barking time. Snoozing is definitely my favourite thing to do but my mum said I was getting a bit smelly and needed a bath. I wasn’t really feeling it but then she let me have a sniff of Scruffy Chops and it smelt good enough to eat (even though mum stopped me from eating it, boo.) She said that the nice people at Scruffy Chops had sent it through the post especially for me and my brother, Colin, to try so I decided I’d give it a go. Before I had my bath, I put the products through some rigorous testing…
Zest In Show Dog Shampoo
Yum! Zest in Show passes my thorough sniff test…
Scruffy Chops Sensitive Dog Shampoo
… and my lick test!..
Scruffy Chops Ruddy Marvellous Cute Pug
Next up was my tests of the Muddy Marvellous conditioner…
Cute Pug Scruffy Chops
… it passed with flying colours!
Cute Pugs Scruffy Chops Dog Shampoo
It smelt so good that even Colin came to join in the sniffing!
We got washed with Zest in Show, which smelt very fruity and went bubbly on my fur and made me feel really clean. Then bath time got all fancy and I got conditioned with Muddy Marvellous conditioner which smelt delicious, I think they should call it ‘Ruddy Marvellous’ because that’s how it smells. My mum said that it has shea butter and dead sea mud in it which made me really confused because I get shouted at if I get muddy outside and I thought humans spread butter on toast, not on dogs! I think the conditioner has made me and Colin feel super soft though so I guess it’s okay!
Moody Pug in Bath
As you can see, I was not best pleased when I was in the bath.
Pug Dog in Bath Tongue
Colin looks a bit more cheerful in the tub!
My mum said that she liked the sound of Scruffy Chops because they contain 98% natural ingredients and are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Us pugs have sensitive skin, especially Colin who gets very itchy sometimes so these are really good for us.
I still don’t think I like bath time that much but I do like Scruffy Chops. I think that my mum liked it too because she said that it smelled nice and she liked the pouch style packaging. I’m going to keep an eye on her because I won’t be happy if she starts using my doggy shampoo!
I’m going to go now lovely human bloggy readers, thank you for reading my review! I have some serious snoozing to be getting on with. 
Scruffy Chops Review
As you can see, I don’t like getting dried either.
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I was sent these products by Scruffy Chops to review, all thoughts and words are my own (well, Ruperts…)
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