Student Hacks: Three Tips for Students Staying at Home

Moving out to go to university really is a huge time in any-one’s life and understandably there is a wealth of information and tips out there to help, but what about those of us who choose to go to university a little nearer to home and commute in? Where are our hints and tips? Well, don’t worry home-bodies, as I have a couple of pointers that you will hopefully find useful should you be staying at home whilst studying!

Make use of commuting time

If you’ll be getting public transport into university, don’t waste the time that you’re sat there! Read over lecture notes, get reading for upcoming seminars or even plan an assignment. Whatever you do, don’t waste the time just staring out of the window – you’ll appreciate the extra time that you have to relax when you get home!

Get involved!

Just because you’re not living in student accommodation doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the fun. I realise most courses have now started, but it’s never too late to join a society/group that you’re interested in or to go out on student night and crash on a friends floor!

Take care with spending

You may be saving a chunk of cash not paying for rent, but that doesn’t mean you should go frittering away all of your student loan on rubbish! I know first-hand that this is easier said than done, but make a budget and stick to it! Little things like bringing snacks with you to lectures so that you’re not tempted to nip in the student union shop and buying your course books second can really help you save those pennies, so you can spend your cash on things that really matter!
These are just a couple of tips that I would give to new students who are choosing to stay at home for university! You can share your tips for new students, at halls or at home, in Currys Student Hackscompetition.
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