The American Dream List

Anyone who knows me will have heard me waxing lyrical about my upcoming trip to America next year. I decided which parts of the US of A I’d like to visit, spent ages flicking through brochures and websites to find just the right tour for me and before long I had put down a deposit and got myself pretty excited. Fast forward six months and I’ve begrudgingly had to cancel my visit, but that hasn’t stopped my American dream, so today I wanted to share the places in the USA that I would love to visit – and still hope to one day!



Las Vegas

The lights, the brilliant weather, the gambling… ah, Las Vegas is top of my overall ‘must visit’ list, never mind just in the USA. (Excuse me whilst I just try to ignore how cheap the flights are with Thomas Cook)


Surely the ultimate beach holiday accolade would go to Miami? I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a week or two lounging on it’s white sandy beaches.

New Orleans

There’s something that I’ve always liked about New Orleans. It’s excellent night life, music scene and of course Mardi Gras are what puts this fantastic city on my American bucket list.

These are just some of the places in the USA that I would love to visit! Have you been to any of these places? How did you find it? Is there anywhere else I should put on this list?