The Christmas Tag


The Christmas Tag: 2014

1. What’s your favourite Christmas film? 
My favourite film year round is The Nightmare Before Christmas. No matter how many times I watch the film, the characters, songs, animation and storyline get me every single time! Jack Skellington’s efforts to give Sandy Claws a night off and bring the joy of Christmas to Halloween Town epitomises Christmas. 
2. What are your favourite Christmas colours? 
I really love bold Christmas colours. Pinks, blues, purples, silvers, yellows. The colours of fairy lights, shiny baubles and tinsel are what it’s all about.
3. Do you like to stay in your pj’s or dress up for Christmas?
PJ’s for opening gifts in the morning but then it’s time to get dressed up!
4. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be? 
This year will be my first in six where I don’t have a significant other to buy gifts for so I’d probably say my mum or dad.
5. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 
Always Christmas morning! For a few years, when it was just me and my mum, we’d choose one present for each other each to open on Christmas Eve but the rest were always left for the morning.
6. Have you ever built a gingerbread house? 
Yes! I built one last year. I bought a kit and the gingerbread was revolting and almost broke a tooth but it was loads of fun building it up and decorating it. You can see my attempts here.
7. What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays?
Christmas time is all about being lazy, eating too much and watching a whole lot of TV for me! I have a whole week off for Christmas this year (which hasn’t happened since college… about seven years?!) so I’m quite looking forward to it!
8. Any Christmas wishes?
Just that everyone has a great time, really!
9. Favourite Christmas smell?
Anything cinnamon!
10. Favourite Christmas meal or treat? 
Christmas party food! The mini burgers, satay sticks, pigs in blankets and mozzarella sticks – yum!
Thanks to Tasha for letting me steal this tag from her. See her post here.
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Thank you so much for reading!
  Leanne xx.
  • Tasha Townley

    Yeyy you did it! Loved reading this 🙂 xx

  • Lucy Hobbs

    I open a present each Christmas Eve too! It’s always from my parents and it’s always new pyjamas to wear that evening and a tradition we’ve upheld since I was a child 🙂 I love reading Christmas tag posts, I think I’ll do one myself as part of Blogmas

    ox Lucy