Getting Crafty with Viking Direct

There’s a few things I quite like; arts and crafts, my fellow bloggers and tea. So when an invite to the Viking Arty Party popped into my inbox promising an afternoon filled with all three, it took me no time at all to RSVP.

The event was hosted by Viking Direct at the King Street Townhouse hotel which has the most stunning views of Manchester from it’s balcony. On the day of the event, the weather was on our side with mostly blue skies, so we were able to enjoy the balcony between our craft sessions. I believe there is also a rooftop pool, so definitely worth a look if you’re looking for somewhere luxurious to stay in Manchester.

Manchester Skyline

Rubber Stamping with The Crafty Hen

Crafting at the Viking Arty Party

As there were quite a lot of us at the arty party, we were split into three groups for the three crafts. Our first craft was rubber printing with The Crafty Hen. We carved designs into rubbers before printing them onto a document file. Despite my attempts at a cupcake shape, my prints ended up looking more like an oven glove… Well, it’s the taking part that counts I suppose!

We then broke for a bit of lunch which we enjoyed beneath blue skies on the balcony before getting right back into the next crafts. For my group this was calligraphy – another activity I’d never tried before. The session was held by the talented and super nice Joyce of Artsy Nibs, who showed us how to use the calligraphy pen and gave us some pointers on calligraphy.

After a bit of time practicing our new calligraphy skills it was time for our final craft; notebook decorating! Again with The Crafty Hen, this unleashed the artsy teen-girl in all of us, and took us back to the days of decorating school books.Β 

Photo credit to <a href="" target="_blank">Viking Direct</a>

Photo credit thanks to Viking Direct

Once we’d all completed our final crafts, it was time for pictures on the balcony and then to head home, armed with our new crafty skills.Β A huge thank you to Viking Direct and Jennie for inviting me and for putting on a great event! You can read more about the event on the Viking Direct blog.

  • Sarah

    Caligraphy! I was obsessed as a kid, so much so I remember begging my grandparents to get me a ‘teach yourself calligraphy’ set one Christmas! It was the best thing ever, I can’t remember my calligraphy being much cop but I loved the fountain pens!

    Sarah πŸ™‚

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