What Would You Save in a Fire?


A few days ago a question was posed to me that I’d never really thought of before; what items would I save in a fire? The question was asked by the team at Memory Huddle in a recent poll which had some really lovely results. For example the majority of respondents said that their first choice of item to save in a fire would be photographs and I can absolutely understand why; photographs are visual aids of memories and as a species we’re pretty sentimental beings! Interestingly (I thought it may be higher) ten percent of people would rather save their laptops and five percent their mobile phones. You can read all of the results over on the Memory Huddle blog.

Now then, I’ve been scratching my head thinking about what items I would save in a fire and I have come up with the following…

My Dogs

I’ve heard before that apparently if your house is on fire you are supposed to get yourself out first and your dogs will be able to find their own way out. Well, no thank you! I would be over to Rupert and Colin like a shot as I’m sure all dog owners would be. I wouldn’t be without my fluffy, smelly, squishy faced little pugs!

My Laptop

I’m definitely within the 10% of poll respondents who would save their laptop! My laptop contains all of my work, blog stuff and photographs. It would take a very long time to regroup all of the information it holds so I would be loath to lose it all!

My Retainers

Okay, vanity coming through here I realise and I’m sure that in a fire I would have some perspective but I would definitely try and grab my retainers. After more than two years of sheer agony and embarrassment from wearing a metal brace as a young adult, I would hate for my teeth to ever go back to their pre-brace state.

The Mulberry’s

This may come across as ridiculous and materialistic to many, but I would save my (very small but perfectly formed) Mulberry collection in a fire. My Bayswater was a gift to myself for my twenty-first birthday, something I had dreamed about for years, saved up for and bought for myself. I can’t explain it and I’m sure it makes me sound terrible but I would absolutely save my Bayswater and Continental Wallet if there was a fire.

Now, over to you, what items would you save in a fire?