Wordy Weekly Round up #2

Happy May everyone – seriously where did April go? And actually the last week? (Bad blogger syndrome has reared it’s ugly head yet again, my apologies!) I think uni essays and work have actually sucked everything out of me, and I can’t wait until i’ve handed in my last two essays on Wednesday so I can be free to enjoy things without feeling guilty about it and get some things done, like tidying my room and washing my car.

Anyway, just a little ‘weekly round up’ of some of the nice and not so nice parts of my week.

+ Nandos! I went to Nandos on Thursday with work – yum! I absolutely love Nandos. Unfortunately, there was a 45 minute wait for ‘chicken on the bone’ (I kid you not) So I had to get a pitta instead of my usual 1/4 chicken. But it was okay because I tried the carrot cake for the first time, and ohmygod it is amazing!
+ Knocking the bumper off my car. Yep, I managed to drive right into a low wall and knocked the bumper off my car! Which ended with a trip to the garage on Thursday (when I should have been at the uni library – stress!) The bumper has a bit of a dent in it but the mechanic managed to fix it back on so my cars fine. I left Β£20 lighter and with my ego about as dented as my bumper!
+ Drinks with friends. I went out last night to a local pub with some friends and it was lovely. I don’t get to see them very much and it was nice to just sit having a little chat and a bit of a ‘clap along’ to people on the karaoke. (One day i’ll be brave enough to get up myself!)
+ The Royal Wedding. Sorry guys, if you wanted a blog post that was nothing to do with it. I’ve got to be honest, I was annoyed that every where you looked before Friday you couldn’t get away with it and only turned it on at first out of curiosity/as background noise. But could I hell tear my eyes away from the screen! I loved seeing everyone arrive, and i’m sure it goes without saying that I thought Kate looked absolutely stunning!

Well i’m off to a car boot tomorrow then working, so i’m best dragging myself off to bed. Hopefully i’ll start posting a lot more regularly once i’ve handed all my work in and i’m done for Summer! Good night everyone, hope you all enjoy bank holiday Monday

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09261026967113255998 Jasmin

    the year’s going so fast!!! i can’t believe it’s may already! so jealous of your nandos, i haven’t been in so long! and i have to admit i still have complete royal wedding fever, kate looked so lovely! x