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Shirt: Primark, Wetlook Leggings: Topshop Petite, Shoes: F&F@Tesco, Necklace&Ring: Newlook&Accessorize 

This is a really naughty post; i’m not supposed to be doing anything fun until I’ve handed in all three of my assignments that are due in for next week. But, well… I need a break.

I wore this last Friday to go to the dentist and then off for food and cocktails with some friends. The shoes gave me a lovely blister that left me limping about Liverpool on Saturday afternoon which caught me by surprise as I thought they’d be kind to me (I think I was blinded by love!), but that’s what I get for wearing new shoes without tights. Oops. These wet-look leggings are probably my new favourite thing in my wardrobe, I thought they’d make me look like a beached up whale and make it impossible to bend my legs but they’re SO comfortable and kind of flattering.

Alrighty, I’m back off to the land of Shakespeare and trying not to get distracted. I’ll be writing and posting my second Clarisonic post once I get the chance, but i’m putting my assignments first since I finish for this year in just over a month! Terrifying!

Leanne xx
  • Becca

    I’ve got this shirt but in black, I love it. I also love the leggings, I want wetlook ones so bad! You look lovely and I hope the assignments go well! Think of how good it will be when it’s all done! xxxxx

  • Cheap Kicks

    I love the shirt! Good luck with your work, I think the hardest bits making yourself get on with it but a break every now and then’s necessary I’d say xxx

  • shannen

    Cute outfit, those shirts are very on tend at the moment.
    Shannen Xx

  • daisy chain

    love that shirt 🙂 xx

  • Jackie G

    Love your shirt! 🙂


  • ♥ Sadie ♥
  • Paige

    Super cute shoes! …shame about them giving you a blister!? Hate that! Simple but stunning outfit 🙂 x

  • A Thrifty Mrs

    I know from exp that it’s the comfy looking shoes that give you the pain. It’s like they lure you in.

  • Lidiya

    Your shirt looks very pretty <3

  • Stephanie

    Love this outfit, very cute! xxx