monday, not a bad way to start the week….

outfit post
Top – Topshop, Blazer – New Look, Skirt – H&M, Ring – Matalan, Necklace – ASOS
Okay, I did not actually end up wearing this out of the house… I got so far as my car door when a gust of wind blew my skirt up, so I waltzed straight back inside to change into something a bit less… blowy-away-ee. So glad I did, the wind in Liverpool this evening picked up quite a bit!  Oh and do not be fooled by the complete bitch face going on there, today’s actually been a pretty good day; (I feel these should be celebrated – yay to good Mondays!) A short afternoon lecture, followed by a yummy burrito and non-alcoholic cocktails from Las Iguanas and a catch up in Starbucks with two of my friends who I don’t get to see a huge amount anymore. Quite a nice way to start the week!
The postman also brought me my new coat and bag I ordered from River Island last week, which I really wasn’t expecting as I only got the dispatch notification email this morning so actually squealed when my mum knocked on my door carrying a big bright green package.
Anyway, I hope all your Mondays have been as enjoyable as mine – i’m off to go get ready for bed, read some blogs and then do my reading for my lecture tomorrow morning.
Leanne xx 
  • Charlotte B

    Love this outfit hun, the colour of the skirt is gorgeous and I love the blazer and jewellery. I love parcels turning up unexpectedly, really brightens up my day! xx

  • LoveFayexoxo

    love this outfit, reminds me of Made In Chelsea (I mean that as a compliment haha) your gorgeous!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  • Shel

    love that blazer! gorgeous outfit x

  • dinoprincesschar

    sounds like a lovely start to the week – can’t wait to see the new coat! 🙂

  • Monday Receptionist

    Oooh, lets see the new coat 🙂

    Lovely outfit x

  • It seems pretty obvious.

    Love your outfit 🙂 I really need to start wearing skirts more often!

  • Temporary:Secretary

    Love this outfit, it’s definitely something i would wear! Really smart but pretty at the same time! x

  • Vale ♥

    I like this outfit ! And I hope also this Monday is treating you well ! I love it when I get my online shopping parcels delivered on time ! Nice blog, follow each other if you want to ! Kisses

  • Rachel, Cold Knees

    I love the look of the skirt and the blazer! I get you with the skirt blowing up thing though, it’s so annoying! :p xx

  • Wonderland Girl

    LOVE that skirt!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  • Charlotte

    Love this outfit! Your Monday sounds lovely, it can’t be a bad day if Starbucks was involved 😉 X