Perfectly Petite with Wallis

If I was to choose one fashion related thing that got me really excited (besides a new Mulberry drop, which I tend to ignore due to my miserly bank balance…) it’s being able to try out a new petite range. Which is why, when I discovered Wallis – a high street shop that I have ashamedly never shopped in before, but who have now whipped into my top five high street petite ranges – had a Perfectly Petite campaign, I was pleased as punch to be asked to be involved!

Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post006

Now, I am a huge believer that us petites (in fact, all body types – sorry Gok) should wear whatever the hell we want and not listen to the typical ‘style myths’ and instead listen to our own bodies. For example, I know that maxi dresses/skirts don’t suit me at all, however many petites still look fabulous wearing those long hemlines often associated with only being able to be worn by our taller cousins.

Bearing this in mind, for my post celebrating all things Perfectly Petite with Wallis I wanted to put together an outfit that went against a few of the ‘petite myths’ we so often hear, yet still suits myself:

  • Stay away from shoes with ankle straps
  • Cinch your waist and keep it visible
  • Stay away from baggy clothes

Whilst I often do tend to stick to high waists, court-style shoes and make sure my tops are tucked in to my bottoms, this isn’t the only thing that suits me. So, fashion rule-makers, in this outfit I opted for a pair of ankle strap shoes, my waist is not visible and the vest I’m wearing is baggy – but, it suits my personal body shape:

Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post005 Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post004 Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post003 Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post002 Wallis Perfectly Petite Outfit Post001

Petite Black Tie Back Vest* | Printed Cigarette Trousers* | Black Buckle Clog* | Silver Ring Necklace*

Fellow petites, I urge you the next time you’re near out shopping to head to the petite sections and break some rules – the way that petite clothes are cut makes them perfect for those of us with a little less stature so go wild! That maxi skirt you’ve been eyeing up since the spring summer collections were released – go try it on; those low rise skinny jeans – they could be your new favourite pair or that high necked swing dress that is oh-so-sixties could be oh-so-you but you’ll never know until you try!

Wallis Perfectly Petite

Tellin’ me I can’t wear shoes with ankle straps? Here’s what I think to that…


This post was written in collaboration with Wallis Petite.