Winter Coat of Petite Dreams

Whilst clothing options for petites have gotten a lot better in recent years, something that can still be a struggle each year is finding a winter coat. We’re still much shorter (pun totally intended) on options when it comes to long coats that – y’know – actually keep you warm without a breeze around the middle and with the right length sleeves. For example, ASOS currently have 24 petite coats on sale compared to 252 in their main collection* (not including maternity, plus & curve and tall because I know you girls are underrepresented and limited on choice, too.)

*Correct as of the 7th January 2017, and I know there are loads more places to buy coats from but considering ASOS has such a wide selection of clothing I wanted to use them as an example.

The Winter Coat of Petite Dreams

Petite winter coat from Miss Selfridge

Embroidered winter boots

Petite winter coat

Petite Faux Fur Collar Coat by Miss Selfridge via ASOS (also available in camel) // New Look Petite Jeggings // New Look wide fit embroidered heeled boots

This year I feel almost triumphant that I’ve found a coat that I genuinely love rather than settling for one just because it fit and I needed something warm to wear. It’s a delight from Miss Selfridge petite (which I bought from ASOS because I’m all about that ASOS Premier life) and it was a steal at £69.

Winter outfit

Embroidered boots

Now, I don’t want to detract from the coat but can we take a minute to admire these boots? The heel on them is quite high so I personally can’t walk in them for too long, but for going from car to desk they’re perfect. Plus I love that I basically just wore them here with some leggings and a top and boom – outfit.