The Ways I Wear: Pink Cropped Jumper #3

Cropped pink jumper: H&M // Drress: Primark // Necklace: New Look (I think)
This is the third (and final) outfit featuring my favourite pink cropped jumper. It’s probably my favourite of the bunch and one that I’ve been wearing a lot recently to work because it’s so easy to just throw on in the morning when I forgot to plan an outfit the night before! 
I bought the dress from Primark a couple of months ago for about £14 and I love it. It’s easy to dress up or down, the print is lovely and it’s really good quality considering the price. It’s also very work appropriate; on it’s own in the warmer parts of the year or layered with a jumper like this when the weather takes a turn to chilly! 
I hate how my arms always look so zombiefied in outfit pictures, but it’s the only way my camera remote will work. I really need to try and talk my boyfriend into helping me out with taking blog photographs again! 
Well, I best get going. It’s getting late and I have some serious sleep to catch up on – rock n roll as always. Have a great weekend! 
p.s. If you’re looking for another read this evening, the lovely Katie has been kind enough to let me guest post on her blog, Beauty and the Baker, whilst she’s away. 
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  • Milex

    pretty good work.

  • Cara E

    this is adorable! the pink looks lovely with the black and white print <3

  • KylieR

    Love this jumper, and you’ve styled it perfectly with the monochrome skirt!

  • Woo Be Red

    I love the pattern on this dress, it’s gorgeous!

    Jo x

  • Sarah M

    such a cute look!

    Legally Brunette