Firmoo Eyewear

Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Woah, holy pictures batman! 
I was recently contacted by online glasses store, Firmoo, to choose and review a pair of their glasses. As much as I love online shopping, I have never bought a pair of glasses online however I found it was quite nice to browse the variety of frames that Firmoo has to offer without the bright lights and mass of mirrors that are often the case in opticians. After a while of narrowing down the choices I decided on a frame shape that I’ve never tried before and went for this wayfarer style pair. They’re great quality and I was really pleased with how they look and felt on. In fact, they’ve taken over my Radley pair as my daily glasses. 
Firmoo are currently offering free eye wear for new customers, where you only have to pay for shipping which is a great offer. Also, if you’re unsure of which pair of glasses will suit you, they have a ‘virtual try-on’ section where you can see how the glasses will look on a photo of yourself. 
Overall, I think Firmoo is a fantastic idea and i’m really pleased with the service I received. The cost of glasses is much cheaper than high-street opticians whilst still being great quality and they arrived very quickly. 
Have you ever got a pair of prescription glasses online/from Firmoo? What do you think of my new spectacles? 

Leanne xx
p.s. I’m short-sighted and these glasses were made for my prescription and although I was sent these glasses free of charge that did not alter my view of Firmoo’s service or product – I am genuinely really impressed with my new glasses. 
  • Allie Metcalfe

    They really suit you! I’m picking up my first pair of glasses on Monday I didn’t even think to look around online for different frames x

  • Josie

    These look fab, like Ray Bans! xxx

  • Laiqah Ally

    These really suit you… I’ve just ordered a new pair of prescription glasses this past weekend and can’t wait to pick them up!

  • Becca

    Ahhh they look gorgeous on you! I would never think of buying glasses online either, a good idea though (not that I wear glasses..) xxx

  • januarysublime

    I want some of these! Tried a similar pair before but for some reason they were a bit dodgy. Love your blog! xx