Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo Review

Garnier Dry Shampoo

Garnier Dry Shampoo Review

Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo Boots: £2.66 with a third off (Usual price £3.99)

There are a couple of things that I feel I have a mission to do; find a carrot cake better than Nando’s, and find a dry shampoo just as good as Batiste but that I don’t have to sell an organ to afford. Up to now I haven’t completed either mission, which means that whenever I see a new carrot cake or dry shampoo, I have to try it out! Y’know, just in case it’s ‘the one’.
The most recent dry shampoo contender is a new release from Garnier with their Ultimate Blends 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo. There are two types in the range so far; The Silky and The Revitalising, as you can see I picked up The Silky version.
Being a ‘7-in-1’ this canister has some pretty bold claims; considering I often consider baby powder to be a better alternative than most dry shampoo’s, I was cynical to say the least. So, here are the claims and what I think about them:
Instantly cleanses: I wouldn’t say instantly as it even says on the bottle to spray on then leave for two minutes before brushing through, but that does seem to make your hair feel much cleaner.
Absorbs grease at the roots: Yes, yes it does.
Light weight feel: Well it doesn’t feel claggy on the hair or anything.
Leaves hair soft to the touch: No softer than usual! 
Hair easy to detangle: So far I haven’t fully tested this out, as I only put dry shampoo on my roots which obviously don’t tend to get tangly!
Blissful fragrance: Yes! It has an amazing vanilla scent that makes your hair smell wonderful.
No Visible Residue: No. None at all.
So there you are, some hits and some misses from the canister’s claims. Although if you want a dry shampoo that doesn’t turn your hair white, gives some volume and allows an extra day or two before having to wash your hair, then it is certainly worth picking this up. Whilst my mission is still yet to be accomplished and will still be trying out new dry shampoos, this one does come pretty close!

P.s. if you know of somewhere that does a delicious carrot cake, please let me know…
  • Cherry

    I’ve never found a dry shampoo that works for me before so definitely need to give this a go,

  • Fayus Dunkus

    I swear by using baby powder. I bought a big bottle for £2 four years ago and it has only just ran out. Win!