OMG Nail Strips Review

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OMG Nail Polish Strips Review

Nail strips are a saviour for those of us with shaky hands or little time to create intricate designs. As much as I love a nice nail design, I just don’t have the concentration span or talent to paint a design myself so I was more than happy to try out OMG Nail Polish Strips.

These nail strips are affordable and you are spoilt for choice with all of the designs. I chose this really nice pink leopard print and also a penguin print one to try out.

The strips come in a variety of sizes and each design comes with fourteen strips to fit each nail. Unfortunately, because my hands are so teeny tiny I had to cut quite a lot off each strip (as you can tell!) but if you have average size hands I’m sure that this won’t be a problem! The strips are really easy to apply and also easy to remove – you can just simply peel them off and ta-dar – clean nails; no need to rub and rub with nail varnish remover.

To buy your own OMG Nail Strips (and apply them much more neater than me, I’m sure) you can visit their website here and see instructions on how to apply the nail strips here.

Have you tried nail polish strips before? What are your thoughts?