Review: Derma V10 Salon Finish Hair Colour

As much as I know I probably shouldn’t, I’m a DIY-dyer. As my natural hair is a fair few shades darker than the light blonde that I like it to be I have to do my roots every two months or so and I simply can’t afford a hairdressers trip every time. This in mind, I am always on the look out for good at home box dyes so when I spotted this on the Derma V10 table at the FABB Liverpool event, I thought I’d pick it up and try it out. Their products retail for just £1, which is a crazy good price for a hair-dye as I usually pay upwards of £5.
The dye comes with all the usual suspects – the hair colour, colour developer, pair of plastic gloves, conditioning hair treatment and an instruction manual. I picked up shade 10, Natural Baby Blonde, and I really like the colour. In general, I really liked this dye. Whilst it takes a little longer to develop than other hair colourants (this one takes about 30 minutes) and the consistency is a lot thinner than other hair dyes, it was really easy to use and the colour really is nice. The only negative to this hair colour is the smell when you’re applying it, although this does go away shortly.
Overall I’m really impressed with this hair dye, particularly for £1. I would definitely pick it up if I was low on funds and needed to do my roots.
Have you ever used an at home hair dye? If so, what is your favourite?
I received this product free of charge from Health Point LTD at the Liverpool FABB Bloggers event. I chose this product myself and was not asked to write about it. As always, all opinions are my own.