Denim AW Wishlist

For most of us – and particularly us petite ladies – jeans are a bit of a minefield. It took me until my very early twenties to find jeans that actually fit me well, and now that I’ve finally discovered what works for me I am very cautious to try anything new. However like anyone else with a healthy fascination with the latest trends, I am forever finding myself reading both blogs and brands ‘seasonal edits’ and was particularly inspired by Trilogy Stores Denim Edit. Featuring a selection of styles I could only ever dream of wearing (flares, white jeans and boyfriend fit… oh how I wish my legs looked good in you!) I found myself in a denim daydream, and then I realised – denim is not just for jeans. Thus, I give you my denim wishlist.

Denim Autumn Wishlist

Yarine Sleeveless Top – at £210 this is unfortunately far out of any budget I would ever have, however I love the deep denim colour of this and the shape at the bottom of the top. This is just the kind of thing I’d wear underneath a cropped jumper on days where it’s chilly outside but the heat is on indoors, so that I can take off a layer.

Petite A-Line Pinafore Dress – as much as I hate looking younger than I actually am, I am always drawn to clothing that, erm, makes me look much younger than I am. My wardrobe is already home to a few pinafores, but I love this one. The black denim adds a bit of a different texture to the standard pinafore shape and lends itself to a number of occasions; with a shirt underneath for work, a t-shirt underneath for a shopping trip or a lace crop top underneath when going out for drinks.

Lace Up Denim Mini Skirt – so my wardrobe already has a mini denim skirt in it, but I’m a sucker for anything ‘lace up’ at the moment and this is lovely. The simplicity of this style of skirt means that it suits pretty much anyone and can be worn for pretty much any occasion and with anything. Mine will be seeing me through the cooler months and into next spring!