Gift Idea: Personalised Shot Glasses

Mugshot Personalised Gift Idea Mugshot Personalised Gift

Mugshot Personalised Shot Glasses

 I find buying gifts for people quite difficult, and often head down the personalised or engraved gift angle as they tend to go down well. Mugshot glasses are completely personalised, useful and cost just £5, which makes them an ideal gift! The glasses are the first that offer personalised pictures on the front and text on the back (or vice versa), making them pretty special and a fantastic addition for birthday parties and stag/hen-dos (imagine getting all the hens/stags their own personalised shot glass – amazing!) They would also be a fantastic wedding favour, or really any other type of celebration where a tipple or two may be enjoyed! 
Mugshot Glasses are virtually unbreakable as they are made from polycarbonate, so absolutely perfect for any time when the booze might be flowing and things are liable to smash. The glasses are available with worldwide delivery and, as I mentioned earlier, are only £5 each!
If you want to buy someone a quirky personalised shot glass they can be bought and fully customised on their website here
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  • Fayus Dunkus

    This is such a good idea. I love personalised gifts.


  • Jessica

    This is such a fab idea! Imagine you can have one for all your friends and you’d know who’s drink was who’s! Love it!