Little New Look haul

I’m already not that great at updating am I? Ha, I do have reasons honest – mostly the mass of uni work and assignment deadlines i’ve had this week, and theres another next week. Phwew! ANYWAY, I made a New Look order on Sunday night and it arrived yesterday – only a few bits that i’ve wanted for a while; this skirtthis bag and this shirt:

Okay I lied a little, the shirt i’ve actually been after is the one I blogged about a few posts ago but that ones been out of my size for ages now so I bought this one as a stand in – and it’s lovely, but the hem really does go quite low on the back (just to the top of my legs!) So i’m gonna have to be a bit creative with how I wear it,  so it doesn’t make me look even shorter! Oh, also this little frog just hopped into my basket (how dare it!)

 Isn’t he cute? I can’t find it on the website right now but he should have been £3.99 but I used a 20% discount code, so he ended up being something silly like £3.20. I’m a sucker for cute jewellery and New Looks selection is really nice right now.

Anyway, I hope everyones had a good week and looking forward to the weekend! I’m working tomorrow afternoon but heading out for a few drinks after, and then having a little chill on Sunday I think. What will you all be upto? xx.

  • Scarlett.Adele

    Cute outfit and im loving that necklace! I followed your blog. Come check out mine if you have time x

  • <i>Laura/21/UK</i>

    New Look is sooo good at the moment 🙂 that frog necklace is very cute and I’m liking the shirt colour muchly x

  • Lisa

    Love the shirt, especially the colour. Dusky pink is my favourite for clothing at the moment.