Payday wishlist

I’m sure i’m not the only person whose counting down the hours until payday? After five weeks since the last one and paying for car insurance a few weeks ago, my bank balance is looking pretty sorry for itself. However, I’ve been doing a lot of hours at work this month (almost double my contracted) so i’m planning on treating myself a little bit come Friday.

(I’m still without photo editing software, so I did this on paint.. *proud* .. kind of)

I’m in love with the majority of the dresses on Missguided, these are just two of my favourites. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the quality of Missguided’s clothing, so i’m looking forward to buying a dress or two (or three..) from there.
I smelt Naughty Alice and Daisy in duty free on my way on holiday (it was about 4am with no sales assistants about to give me funny looks if i spritzed too much, so I think I got a bit excited) and just loved the smell of both, so they’ve been on my wishlist ever since. Plus, with such pretty bottles I think they’ll look great on my dressing table! 
I used to be a complete and utter Sims addict, until my laptop decided that it had had enough of me playing and decided to crash every time I wanted to load a game, so when I got my new PC The Sims 3 was the first thing I installed. I have the World Adventures and Ambitions expansion packs but really want Night life and Generations too (and Pets when that comes out..) I’m wanting to pick them up soon so I can get enough play-time on them before i’m back to Uni again and won’t have time to play.
Anyway, I hope everyone’s weeks are going well. I’ve just had three days off from work so used the time to do a bit of a shift around (swapped rooms with the ‘rents) and catch up with friends by having a few drinks and a bite to eat. I should be off work tomorrow too but I’m being sent to work in London in a few weeks (so excited!) and need some extra training before I can go, so i’m doing that in another store tomorrow morning. 
Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, whatever you’re doing 🙂
  • Amy

    The sims crashed on me all the time too! My dad hated it because it knackered the computer 😛 xx

  • Funny Little Frog

    Both these dresses look lovely! I used to be addicted to Sims and then a zoo game (forgotton what that was called it might just be Zoo) I have to not buy them or I’d never get anything done xxx

  • Lauren

    Really love the blue missguided dress and I really want to try the perfume xx

  • Voe

    I adore both of those dresses! they are very much my style!

    Also, love the Sims! I am still working my way through the Sims3Ambitions though! Have you seen “TheCurtisParadiseShow” on youtube? He does fantastic reviews and houses and it quite funny.

    I love your blog by the way, you write so well… and you’re very pretty!! I cannot wait to read more of your posts!!

    All the best,

  • Victoria

    oh my laptop used to always crash playing the sims as well! luckily i got my dad to give it a nice clean up and thankfully it works like a dream now, perfect for those rainy days! and just… any day where im meant to do something but the sims is always so much more appealing

  • Charlotte B

    Hey hun I love both of those dresses! I have never looked at muisguided but I think I will now!! I have Daisy by Marc Jacobs, its one of my favourites. Great blog btw, I am following, perhaps you could follow me back?? xx

  • JB / Sunshine With Everything

    Some months really seem to be longer than others don’t they? I like misguided dresses, they are so pretty. The blue colour in the one above is gorgeous! x